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Project payday tips

project payday tips

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FULL REVIEW: Project Payday – Can You Really Make Money With Project Payday?

Many people who are trying to make money online have heard about Project Payday. In this article I’m going to give you a full analysis of what Project Payday is, how people make money, and if the program is worth your time.

One of the main ways people make money through Project Payday is by referring people to the program. When you sign up for Project Payday you receive two referral links. When someone clicks on your link and enters their information on the Project Payday homepage, you get paid $1.50. This may not seem like much but remember the only thing the visitor has to do is enter their information into the homepage. If a person referred 30 people a day, he or she would make around $1395 a month. The program is straight forward and allows anyone to make money. The pay rate of $1.50 per referral can increase as you increase the number of referrals you make over time. If your referrals decide to actually pay the membership fee to sign up for Project Payday. you increase the chances of your pay rate increasing. For example, if you refer 100 people and only 4 sign up, then your pay rate will decrease. If you refer 100 people and 20 sign up, then your pay rate will increase.

There are a few things people should realize before signing up for Project Payday. Project Payday is not free. Once you enter in your information you will have to complete a sponsored offer. You can also skip the sponsor offer and just pay a onetime membership fee of $40. Once you pay for your membership you get access to the Project Payday back office. In the back office members have access to manuals and training videos that help members get started.

When Does Project Payday Pay?

Project Payday pays commission every Friday for the previous week’s earnings. For example, if you joined Project Payday on July 1st and made $100 by July 7th, you would earn your commission on July 15th. In order to be paid, each member must earn $30 as this is the minimum pay out for Project Payday.

Quick notes about Project Payday:

· You can only refer people who are in the United States. If someone from another country tries to enter their information, they will be denied access and you will not receive commission.

· You can’t promote Project Payday as a job or your account will be suspended.

· You are not allowed to buy guaranteed leads or your account will be suspended.

· You can’t ask for a person’s information and sign them up yourself.

· Lastly, you can’t promote Project Payday through email spam otherwise your account will be frozen.

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