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Can payday loan collection companies put warrant out for arrest?

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Posted January 6, 2011 12:09am

Threatening criminal action in a civil matter is against th law. these companies are very predatory and their loans have been found to be illegal in may states because the effective interest rates are usuruious (interesst higher then allowed by State law).

if you meant to repay it when you took out the loan and can't now because of unforseen circumatnces then you should not be chraged with a crime and if you are you should sue the prosecutor and the police because their immunity would be waived by such an act.

I represented over 1000 (one thousand) Marines in north carolina and I had them put stop payments on those loans because they were illegal. The pay day lending prctice is now illegal in North Carolina.

Get an attorney who does FDCPA (Fair Debto Collection Practices Act) work and go after the collectors who are violating federal law. Good Luck.

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