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Cash net usa payday advance

cash net usa payday advance

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On August 11, 2015 I was told from an agent at this company that if I pay $225.00 through MoneyGram at Wal-Mart I could get the $2000.00 loan that I was requesting. A few hours later the agent came back online and said that they will increase my loan and refund all funds back if I pay another $250.00 which totaled $475.00. Then he came back and said I cannot get my loan unless I open up 3 bank accounts and pay more money. Then I got upset. Today August 19, 2015 I receive a call from the General Manager and CEO telling me that those individual that done this will be suspended. Then he said I must pay another $250.00 in order to get my loan. I refuse to pay another dime and I am entitled to get my money back. If not the original loan. This company needs to be fully investigated of their actions here. I am very upset.

UPDATED ON 09/02/2015: On August 29, 2015 @ 9:26 pm I received a call from a Private Number. When I answered the gentleman on the other end asked if I was Loren **. He proceeded to tell me that he is The General Manager of the Loan office of Cash Advance USA. He said his name is Michael **. He proceeded to tell me that he was very unhappy and sorry about the way I have been treated about my loan. He

said that he was going to help me. He asked about the money I sent to them and that I will be getting my refund on the amount of $500.00. He said a Federal Bank will be calling my voicemail and leaving a confirmation number at 9:30 am on Sunday August 30, 2015. He wanted my voicemail pin.

On Sunday at 9:30 am I did not receive a call. Then on Monday I called the number Michael ** gave me **. He did not answer but later he called me back and it was a Private Number again. He said that the pin number I gave was incorrect. I proceeded to tell him that it is not right that they need my pin number for voicemail which honestly I do not have one. I told him this is all phony and that I will be reporting him. Several times in this conversation he cursed me out and said ** several times and said that I should die. I was very upset. I said to Mr. ** that he is not a businessman. He proceeded to curse more at me. Then he hung up. I really need something done about Cash Advance USA ASAP and I need my money back as well. This is not how any company should run a business. Please, if you can help get my money back as well as punish this company so it will not happen to others. I would really appreciate it.

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