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Rapid payday loans (Jones Finance, Inc.) is your local installment lender. It was founded for the purpose of helping active duty military service members assigned world-wide; and retired military personnel, federal employees, USPS employees, and to the general public that resides in the State of Alabama.

We are proud to provide our lending services to consumers without credit history and for consumers that have had poor credit history.

The methods of payments we prefer are payroll deductions, allotment s , and/or EFT bank drafts. However, these methods of payments are optional and not mandated by law. The methods of payment is not a factor in considering a person's creditworthiness for a loan.

We provide short

term installment loans up to $3,000.00. The maximum monthly loan payments is for nine (9) months, and all loans are secured with collateral. Personal property for loans under $1,000.00. Loans $1,000.00 and above requires a operating vehicle's title.

Do you want to apply for a loan? Click on the appropriate icon shown below. We will process and act on a loan application within one (1) business day for under $1,000.00 and two (2) business days for loans $1,000.00 and above.

We recommend you read "Consumer Loan Criteria" and "How Our Loan Process Works " before applying for a loan. For your convenience we have included our Interest Rate Chart .

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