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All payday loan companies are heavily regulated by federal and state mandates, so most loan services have restrictions based on location. For this reason, 100DayLoans is only available for residents in 42 states.

Aside from normal stipulations, some loan services offer more than others, and 100DayLoans is one of those, offering features that make it stand out among other services. It matches you with lenders willing to loan you up to $1,000. As with most loan services, approval for the maximum amount is not likely on your first loan. But after you pay off a loan or two and establish a solid payment history, lenders are more likely to extend the full $1,000 to you. If you don't need that much, you just borrow what you need.

All loans come with an APR that you pay back along with the principal loan amount, and this is something you'll want to pay close attention to. The APR varies from state to state and from lender to lender, so 100DayLoans cannot guarantee a specific rate. Just as the amount you can borrow increases with good history, your APR may decrease over time. The high-end starting APR for a 14-day loan with 100DayLoans is around 615%, but APRs can drop to as low as 59% over time. While 615% sounds like a large interest rate, keep in mind that that is the rate for a loan term of a full year. The term for the majority of loans is only 14 days to a couple of months, or 100 days, as some lenders offer. Because of this, lenders typically express interest in terms of cost per $100 borrowed on a 14-day loan, which is between $10 and $30 with this service.

Ease of Use

This company prides itself on offering fast loans and an easy-to-use service, taking some of the stress out of the payday loan process. It does not require a credit check, and you have the option to apply and receive approval over the phone, which is something many other services do not offer. The most common and convenient way to apply is online,

and the website is intuitive and straightforward. After you complete the application with a valid checking account, social security number and employment information, you receive your approval within 90 seconds.

After approval, 100DayLoans connects you to a third-party lender with whom you set up your loan agreement. If you complete your application early in the day, you could have your loan deposited the same day. More likely, though, you'll have your cash first thing in the morning or early in the day. If you need another loan, you can apply the same day you pay off your old loan.

Repayment Terms

Like other aspects of payday loans, terms of repayment are subject to local mandates and the individual lenders with whom you make your payment arrangements. In general, the maximum term for a loan is around 14 days to get you to your next paycheck. In that case, your first payment is due on your pay date. However, other loans terms are as long as 100 days, as suggested by this service's name.

For repayment, the lender withdraws payment automatically from the checking account into which the loan was originally deposited on the day you agree upon with your lender, most likely your next payday. If for some reason you cannot make your payment, depending on the lender, you may be eligible for a payment extension, but 100DayLoans cannot guarantee it. There is no penalty if you decide to pay off your loan early, which saves you some money on interest.

This payday loan company offers good help and support options. Many services do not allow you to apply and receive approval over the phone, but you can with this service. You can also call if you need support at any point during the term of your loan or if you decide to take out another payday loan. You can contact customer service by email as well, and the website offers a live chat option. Unfortunately, the live chat option is automated, so you aren't speaking with an actual agent, but the chat detects keywords and provides general answers and guidance.

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