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Forward thinking: From reliance to resilience

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Reliance; the state of being dependent on someone or something

Resilience; the ability to recover quickly from difficulties

Securing Africa's Future is an initiative from World Vision and VisionFund to help build the 'resilience' of farming communities in East Africa. We understand that farmers are the key to ensuring their families and communities have enough food, whilst improving their rural livelihoods and protecting the natural environment in Africa.

When farmers can mitigate their own risks and manage their own shocks, then the impact of any environmental, economic or political change is severely reduced. This is our aim; to help farmers become independent and economically secure, so they can look after their families and invest in their community.

The key features of the programme are;

- Spiritual. We foster a Judeo-Christian world view on human dignity and work ethic, and support communities to become creative, productive, caring

and self-reliant.

- Economic. We help improve livelihoods and resilience by lending farmers the funds to invest in their businesses so they can increase their yields, incomes and savings. Beyond micro-loans, we offer savings and insurance, technical expertise to produce quality products and knowledge of markets to find buyers, so that farmers follow a value chain that improves productivity and processes.

- Environmental. We promote the management of natural resources, especially water, as a way to both increase production and to mitigate the risk and reduce the impact of droughts and floods. Preparing for an event before it happens is essential to ensure farming productivity year round.

Watch our film: From reliance to resilience


Securing Africa's Future began as a pilot project in rural Tanzania, about two hours drive from its capital, Arusha. Over 5,000 rice farmers took part in the initiative.

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