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Cash till payday no faxing

cash till payday no faxing

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Cash Advantage is an independent, locally run business that has been issuing payday loans in Victoria, BC since 1996. We’ve all been in a jam at one point or another, and we pride ourselves on being respectful while lending a hand! We don’t have hundreds of stores, or giant call centres staffed by robots. What we do have are knowledgeable, smiling staff that operate on a single premise: to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Payday Loans are also known as Fast Cash Advances, Quick Cash Loans, and Payday Advances. They are designed for people who want a small loan between paydays, without a credit check.

Bad credit or poor credit doesn’t matter – all you need is a bank account and a source of income. Cash Advantage now also offers quick online payday loans with easy approval for customers in British Columbia.

Cash Advantage has grown over the last 20 years based on the following principles:

Fast efficient Service: Get our new customers their money within 30 minutes, and returning customers in 3 minutes.

Easy Application: Make the application quick and with a minimal amount of paperwork.

Respect: Treat all of our customers with kindness and respect.

Connection: Know our customers and build solid relationships.

Fun environment: Everyone needs to work – might as well have fun doing it!

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