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Research in microfinance is essential to strengthen its evolution, quantify its impact and further new frontiers of development. Combining this with an innovative approach and bringing the latest advances and new technologies to practitioners will considerably contribute to the progress of microfinance on the field.

The e-MFP Research in Microfinance Action Group promotes the importance of the contribution of research to advances in microfinance and strengthens the interaction between researchers and practitioners. Its main objective is to provide better visibility and understanding of the microfinance initiatives of European researchers and universities by facilitating the exchange of ideas and findings in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Every two years since 2009, the Action Group organizes the European Research Conference in Microfinance in collaboration with European universities. The Research Conference is a unique event that gathers together high level researchers, academics, professionals and students ensuring that the latest research is disseminated to the whole microfinance community.


Ms. Gabriela Erice

Action Group outputs

The 4th European Microfinance Research Conference will be hosted 1st - 3rd June 2015, by the University of Geneva (Geneva Finance Research Insititute) in association with the Graduate Institute, the University of Fribourg and the University of Zurich. A call for paers has been launched. Authors are invited to submit full papers (not exceeding 25 pages including annexes) to by 15th February 2015. For more information

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The 3rd European Research Conference on Microfinance  was held June, 10th - 12th 2013 in the University of Agder, Norway. The conference organized in cooperation with e-MFP, CERMi ( ) and University of Groningen ( ) gathered 250 participants from 35 countries and more than 180 papers were presented and discussed.

Further information on the event and the presentations can be found in the conference report .

The 2nd European Research Conference on Microfinance   was held in Groningen University, the Netherlands, 16th - 18th June 2011. The conference covered important questions for the microfinance industry. Is microfinance really able to significantly reduce world-wide poverty? Are microfinance programs financially sustainable, so that they will be able to finance the poor in the near future? What role does the private sector i.e. commercial banks, play in providing microfinance? What is the impact of different governance mechanisms applied by MFIs on their performance? How important is product innovation and technology for microfinance?

To access the conference programme please click here

The first European Research Conference in Microfinance   was organised by the Center for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi) and the Research working group of the European Microfinance Platform. It was the first event of its kind in Europe gathering high level researchers, acadmics, professionals and students and was awarded a prize by Fonds Wernaers pour la Recherche et la Diffusion des Connaissances.

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