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Rocky mountain microfinance institute

rocky mountain microfinance institute

What we do

RMMFI helps aspiring entrepreneurs Launch Businesses by going from being Business Curious™ to being Business Serious™ through  a simple and effective approach to business development  built around the philosophy that poor planning equals poor results. Focused on providing the right mix of Learning, Lending, and Coaching to all of our entrepreneurs, RMMFI delivers core business concepts with a glorious absence of complexity.

Step 1 for Business Curious™ Entrepreneurs…

Exploring Business Ownership

Offered 2 times every month, this 2 Session Series lays the groundwork for your journey to becoming Business Serious™ and Business Launch.    Explore your ideas, find your focus, and get serious about the business planning process.  Exploring Business Ownership helps existing, new, or potential business owners:

  • Understand the personal impacts of business ownership
  • Clarify a potential business concept
  • Test the feasibility of a business idea
  • Define a start-up strategy
  • Define a growth strategy for Year 1
  • And, get familiar with RMMFI’s follow up programs

Exploring Business Ownership is always FREE & open to the Community (see schedule to the right).

*Pre-registration is required.  To get yourself enrolled, give us a call at 720-941-5037, or shoot an email to .  Be sure to let us know the specific dates you are looking for.

Step 2 for Business Curious™ Entrepreneurs…

Business Development Program

The Business Development Program is an ongoing series of business related special events and workshops that will be open to individuals who  have come through the Exploring Business Ownership Workshop & who income qualify (see guidelines below).  The Business Development Program offers:

  • 1-on-1 meetings with RMMFI Staff to enhance the learning from Exploring Business Ownership
  • A regular schedule of Business Workshops and Guest Speakers based on the 4 Pillars of Business
  • Quarterly Mapping Your Vision Sessions (Half day of business workshops and 1-on-1 sit downs with business specialists)
  • Community Business Roundtables


qualified graduates of Exploring Business Ownership gain access to upcoming Business Development Program events.  If you haven’t already, sign up for Exploring Business Ownership today!

Step 3  for Business Serious™ Entrepreneurs…

Business Launch Boot Camp

Offered 3 times each year, the Business Launch Boot Camp is a 12 week intensive program aimed at bringing 10 qualifying committed entrepreneurs from IDEA to LAUNCH through a heavy dose of Learning, Lending, and Coaching.  Each entrepreneur selected for the Boot Camp receives:

  • 8 Weeks of intensive core learning and planning to complete a business plan
  • 1-on-1 Business Coaching to keep on track
  • 1-on-1 Business Mentorship
  • Access to business experts for help on planning specifics
  • 4 Weeks of coaching and mentorship focused on actually  launching the business
  • Access to capital necessary to launch or expand the business concept (up to $2500)

You can learn all about the official Boot Camp application process by attending the next session of Exploring Business Ownership . or feel free to call or email directly at 720-941-5037 or .

Business Builder Loans

RMMFI understands that successful entrepreneurs in the Business Launch Boot Camp need capital to launch.  RMMFI’s Business Builder loan program exists to provide targeted and manageable  microloans to Business Serious entrepreneurs who are in need of financing to launch or expand their microenterprise doing business in the Greater Denver Metro area. and who have graduated from the Business Launch Boot Camp. Loan amounts are determined through a combination of demonstrated commitment and performance throughout the Boot Camp program.  Business Builder loans range from $250-$2,500, carry an interest rate between 8-12%, and have terms from 6-18 months.


Although RMMFI would like to be able to serve the entire community with its services, we focus on providing our services to people who make at/below the following income levels.  If you have any questions regarding whether or not you qualify for RMMFI’s programs, please contact us at 720-941-5037 or .

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