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Salone Microfinance Trust (SMT) started operating in 2002 as a microcredit program of the NGO Child Fund Sierra Leone under an USAID program to assist the reintegration of ex-combatants back into their communities. Following the end of the program in 2003 and the decision of Child Fund to deliver financial services through independent entities, SMT registered as an independent NGO in June 2007. SMT received a license as a credit-only microfinance institution from the Bank of Sierra Leone (BoSL) after a visit in July 2010, and since then is regulated by the BoSL.

 SMT is headquartered in Makeni and offers group, agricultural, individual and salary loans to microentrepreneurs through a network of five branches.

SMT’s approach of concentrating in rural, urban and peri-urban communities helps ensure that it

reaches vulnerable populations and provide an inclusive access to financial services that stimulates microenterprise development in these communities.

By providing small loans and other financial services, SMT is offering poor clients with the opportunity to generate more income to help their families, improve their wellbeing, and to create a more vibrant private small-business sector in Sierra Leone.


SMT primarily has targeted poor women and men who are active in informal sector trading, agriculture production and other basic services. In most cases, women have demonstrated strong demand for credit and have proven their ability to produce enough regular profit to sufficiently repay loans with market interest rates. Many of these women, and other present and prospective clients, are also small farmers and part of the rural population.

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