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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A right winger's criticism of Yunus and Grameen


jay said.


Get you Political graph right. Jeffrey Tucker is not a right winger. He must be mostly a libertarian. Politics when classified simplistically as Left and Right is very confusing.

Here's an article from a think-tank about political labels, you can read it here (dont miss the graph).

You might also be interested in the World's Smallest Political Quiz.

All the best.

Brian said.


You should probably ignore the tone of jay's comment, which is condescending. I had to respond to his comment.

However, he's right in that, to be precise, Tucker is on the extreme right--using a one dimensional scale.

Or using a two-dimensional scale (as in his link, marking economic and social ideology) Tucker is best described as economically on

the right; from his comment on the "16 decisions" ("my daughter did an internship. ") we could assume Tucker is socially on the right.

So, basically, in the vernacular, you're correct. If you want to get more specific, you can.

Great blog, thanks for keeping it up.

Jay said.

Whats condescending in my previous comment Mr Brian. even if it was, it is only as condescending as the title of the post.

Stop beatin' around the bush Mr.Brian, come to the point

Rating on One-dimesional political scale is often wrong.

When you say he is socially on the right, do you mean 1.he is outgoing, party animal? or 2.he is like the republicans, conservatives of USA and the BJP, RSS of India in the Social front who wish to give very little freedom to the individual on personal choices.

If you chose anyone of those, you are wrong.

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