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my first time using cashback payday and I must say it was definitely a great experience fast easy and Jacob and Nataly went out of there way to verify my info to get me the cash I needed I will definitely be back if ever in need!

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My husband and I both can in for a loan today 9/14/15 and were helped by Ashley and Connie. They were incredible. So helpful so talkative and very inviting. By far the best Loan experience. This is our new always go to place for a loan and will be recommending everyone. These girls are amazing. Real clean place and friendly environment. FIVE STARS!

"Eek! Methinks not" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Customer service at this joint is crap.

I have been a loyal, upstanding, monthly customer here for over a year *polishes halo*

Always had friendly, polite, helpful girls working there and I never had any problems.

They've got Western Union money transfer services,

plus the usual Pay day loan shtick.

I dunno what happened, but they got some new faces in there and these chicks SUCK.

Wait. That's not fair, is it? Not all of them suck.

Mostly just the freckly one, with the dark freckle on the tip of her nose.

She was neither friendly, polite, or helpful. In fact, she was quite rude.

When I asked her to do a very simple task, she barked that they "don't do that".

Yes, barked *ruff*

Um, really? That's weird because your coworkers have been doing it every month for the last year AND it's listed on your services.

You big fibber! Don't tell a customer that you don't do something when your coworkers have already done it on numerous occasions.


They lost a loyal customer today.

I do not recommend this place at all.

With all the competition they have in a 10 block radius, there's no need to subject yourself to the rudeness here.

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