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Class action lawsuit filed against Sears Holdings and board over REIT plan

sears payday

A class action lawsuit against Sears Holdings (NASDAQ:SHLD ) alleges the company's REIT plan will benefit CEO Eddie Lampert more than shareholders.

The filing says shareholders will be left holding the bag after Lampert strips away key assets to a separate company under his control.

Lamfart didn't set up Bankruptcy remote. it was already done before he got their (while he was still in diapers )

just curious. is this Bruce Berkowitz ?

sounds like it with the whiny little hiding behind 4 comments. but "always said" jazz

I have never seen a bigger Idiot than Berkowitz. anybody that read Berkowitz Sears Case Study. or listen to his flip flops on Fannie and Freddie knows what I am talking about

those are down right pitiful. obvious he is like a dog chasing his tail

I am still kind of partial to that wonderful management Brucy boy mention running SHLD (All gone)

or maybe that liquidity (he forgot to mention payday loan )

without payday loan. emergency bond offering. they would be in Bankruptcy today. then you would get to see what Bankruptcy remote is for

Eddie boy got caught in his own hype

he sold Sears 50 stores. only to buy them back

anybody that has real knowledge of the company knows the Bean Counter philosophy has killed the company (not an opinion)

"Sears into a dot com". yeah right. LOL

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