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We are delighted that Alquity has chosen Shivia to be one of its partner charities for their Transforming Lives Programme. Thank you to everyone at Alquity, in particular Kat Miller, CSR Programme Manager, for supporting our work. Transforming Lives channels donations into credible organisations delivering sustainable and transformational projects which lift those living in extreme or relative poverty off the bottom rungs of the ladder and stimulate economic growth from the grass-roots up. Further details you can visit their website here:

The Artemis Charitable Foundation has supported Shivia for the past 4 years and we are delighted that we have been their International Charity of Choice for two years running. Artemis generously supports both our work in Gujarat and West Bengal through our General Fund.

Apax Foundation partnered with Shivia for three years (2011, 2012 and 2013) to support our work in West Bengal. We thank Apax for taking a leap of faith in us and getting our life-changing work off the ground.

The ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation supported both of our programmes in Gujarat – the microfinance programme and the training scheme. The Foundation enabled Shivia to get going in 2008 by providing initial start-up costs and also supported our photographic exhibition, held by Garlinda Birkbeck, in 2011.

Clifford Chance Foundation supports our work in West Bengal.

Etihad Airways donates airmiles that are turned into cash to support Shivia

on an annual basis. Etihad has also donated flights for auction at our Diwali event in 2012.

Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust supports both our Partners Programme in West Nepal and our Livelihood Programme in West Bengal.

Venquis has supported Shivia since 2011 with events – particularly our Diwali events and the Extraordinary Leadership.

The Body Shop Foundation supported us in 2010/11 with basic administrative costs in the UK and India enabling us to, amongst others, carry out extensive research for our proposed Livelihood Programme.

The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation kindly supported our work in Western Nepal.

The Ellis Campbell Foundation kindly supported Garlinda Birkbeck’s photographic exhibition in 2011 in aid of Shivia.


Nick Jenkins Foundation. Nick generously supports Shivia’s General Fund, crucial to the success of any charity.

The Lloyd family. Adrian and Annabel generously support our General Fund.

Lindsay Whitelaw and Svetlana Borozna. Lindsay and Svetlana have supported Shivia’s General Fund, crucial to the success of any charity.

Stewart Newton Foundation. Stewart has kindly supported our General Fund.

The Edward Hoare Impact Fund. Edward has kindly supported our General Fund.

Tony and Gisela Bloom. Tony and Gisela supported our Partners Programme in West Nepal.

The de Laszlo Foundation. Damon de Laszlo kindly supported our General Fund.

We are very grateful to our other supporters that we haven’t included as they have asked to remain anonymous.

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