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College Decor: DIY Dorm Room Edition

The exciting world of Pinterest has started a new trend of DIY (“do it yourself”) projects. From clothing to decor to wedding decorations, there are ideas posted every day about crafts anyone can do in their own home. Creating these projects yourself is perfect if you’re a college girl on a budget! It's often relatively inexpensive to create DIY home decor crafts. Here are a few ideas you won’t want to go without trying.

Looking for a unique way to display your pictures in your room to make it feel a little more like “home sweet home?" Here’s a fresh, new way to hang them! Instead of just taping them up on the wall, go to the store and buy some string or yarn and some clothespins. Hang the string from the wall and use the clothespins to attach the pictures to the string. It displays all your pictures in your room in a cute and quirky way -- plus you don't have to worry about taped-up photos falling off the wall!

An increasingly popular craft that has exploded on Pinterest is crayon art, and it adds a great splash of color to any room. Simply tape or hot glue crayons to the top of a canvas or sturdy piece of paper and use a hair dryer to melt the crayons so they drip down the canvas and form a colorful design. The crayons look

the best if you line them up in a rainbow, so the colors blend well together. You can also put stickers or tape on the canvas before you start so that when you’re finished and peel the stickers away, you have a quote or lyric written in white in the midst of all the color. But be forewarned: this craft does get messy! Don't forget to check out our previous post on this unique crayon art project. too!

Looking for a little extra light in your room? Here’s an awesome trick to brighten up your space. Get a canvas and apply stickers, decals, etc. and then spray paint with whatever color you want. After you peel off the designs, hang white lights (like Christmas lights!) behind it and check out the pretty design that becomes illuminated!

Instead of having a traditional, boring mirror, try this cool new do-it-yourself idea! Buy a regular mirror with a colored frame. Get some old CDs and break them into a bunch of pieces, then take the pieces and hot glue them to the frame of the mirror. The shards of CD add color from the reflection of other lights. Absolutely adorable!

Did you love these ideas and want to make even more crafty things for your dorm? Log onto and look under the “DIY and Crafts” category to specify your search. Good luck, and happy crafting!

By: Kelly Glasson | Images: Source

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