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Sonic Payday - Coastline Credit

Ltd. rip-off! Extreme scam artists! Beware these people!

Avoid these people like the plague if you're in need of a short-term loan. There are other, more reputable Internet lenders if you're in need of this type of service. I had a loan with these folks that I notified in a timely manner prior to the due date for an authorized debit on my checking account that the funds would not be available. Their response was that it could not be stopped (incorrect, an ACH debit CAN be stopped if timely notice is given), and they proceeded to hit me with more than one debit attempt over a several-day period at $30 per instance of my bank's NSF fees. They also split the amount due into 2 separate debits which incurred additional NSF charges.

I was phone-contacted at my place of employment by an Ivan McKinnon who identified himself as being with Coastline Credit and representing the Sonic Payday loan account. He provided a call-back number of 866-838-4213. This fellow was extremely harassing, used profanity, and threatened me with wage garnishment and seizure of bank assets if the loan amount was not paid in full via Western Union Quick-Collect. He refused to give a mailing address for sending the funds by certified postal mailing of a bank cashier's check, where there would be proof of payment. He put a Mrs. Reed (or Reid) on the phone who also refused to give a mailing address, and stated that she would speak to my Human Resources Manager and "everyone in the office" about my account if not paid by Western Union.

I called Sonic Payday twice, and was transferred to mystery people each time that initially refused to give their mailing address or that of a business address for funds

payment mailing. In both cases I was finally given a mailing address (after a long delay) that checked out to be other businesses not related to these companies when doing an Internet search.

I received a letter from Ivan McKinnon yesterday listing Coastline Credit Ltd. as the creditor, with the same contact number that he had given me on the phone, and with a return address of 234 North James Street, Newport, DE 19804. When Internet-searching for this address, it lists as being Pettinaro Relocation, a corporate housing and relocation firm.

At this point I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, the Delaware Better Business Bureau, and the FBI's internet fraud division. The Sonic Website lists Ireland as the company address, and their Website IP address is and points to Cork, Ireland when doing a route trace. My issue is that all representatives of these two "companies" refuse to give mailing addresses for funds payment, and specify that funds due can only be paid via Western Union. Credit and debt collection folks have told me that it it illegal to refuse a mailing address or to specify that payment be made only by Western Union, although I can't verify this.

Lest someone reply to this with a "rebuttal" detailing how stupid it is to deal with online lenders, "payday" loans, etc. I'd like to point out that many reputable people use these services nowadays for short-term loans, provided they can stomach the high fees for doing so, due to banks becoming increasingly ridiculous in making small loans and finance companies charging the same sky-high interest rates as online lenders. However, when using another company a time or two in the past for this sort of thing, there was no issue whatsoever in making easy arrangements for funds repayment.

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