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Maximize the Value of your Holiday Gifts

It’s the day after Christmas. You’re all shopped out and you’ve got a pile of opened presents by the tree that you have no idea what to do with! The financial strain of the holidays probably has you looking for ways to conserve — especially on December 26. Speedy Cash has your back with valuable tips to get the most out of your unwanted holiday gifts!

Did you get something really nice, but you have no use for it? Save it for someone else! Simply tuck it away and make a note of who gave it to you (so you don’t accidentally give it back to them) and remember where it is the next time you need a gift.

Gifts that are great to re-gift:

  • Picture frames
  • Bath and body sets
  • Gift cards

As long as you know where the un-wanted gift came from, you may be able to return it without the

receipt. Many large retailers become more lenient after the holidays with their return policies, although you may only end up getting store credit back.

  • Retailers who have lenient return policies: Macy’s, Target and Walmart
  • Retailers who have strict return policies: Toys R’ Us, Best Buy and Home Depot


If the gift you received isn’t exactly your style — don’t trash it! Try re-purposing it for your taste. Here are a few common gifts and ways to re-invent them into something you can cherish.

  • Picture frame – If you can’t fit another frame on your mantle, try making it into a tray.  Here’s an example.
  • Vase- Paint a plain or ugly vase to match your style. Here’s instructions.
  • Socks – A fun pair of socks can make great phone covers, wreathes, gloves, or even toys. Here are some fun ideas. 

Need more ideas for getting more out of this year’s presents? Visit us on Pinterest!

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