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Stopping payday loan payments

stopping payday loan payments

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End PayDay Loan Debt for Good!

Worried about your Payday Loan Payment?

  • Are you struggling to keep up with your 600%+ interest rate payday loan payments?
  • Are you applying for a payday loan just to cover the fees of your previous payday loan?
  • Are you being harassed by an endless stream of collection calls?
  • Tired of making monthly payment and not getting anywhere?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help!

Payday Loan Settlement

Help is on the Way with our Payday Loan Settlement program.

Get help with your Payday Loans Now - Call (844) 231-6399 Today DOES NOT provide loans, broker loans or match customers with loan providers. As such, we ARE NOT a lender, aggregator or a lead generator for any type of loan. We DO match our visitors with DEBT RELIEF SERVICES that are in accordance with federal and state laws.

Typically, payday lenders charge between $15 and $30

per $100 borrowed. This would represent an APR of between 390% and 780% based on a two-week loan. Not paying your loan on time can result in penalty fees of up to $50 per returned payment, can negatively impact your credit score, and can result in aggressive collections practices. Most lenders automatically renew your loan every pay period for an additional fee equal to or higher than your original fee.

Fees for our debt relief service providers are charged only after 1) they settle, reduce or otherwise change the terms of each debt, 2) there is a written agreement in place and 3) at least one payment has been made to that creditor. does not provide legal advice. If you have concerns about legal actions that lenders or their collection agents, you should contact a lawyer.

The trademarks included on this page are property of their respective owners, who have offered no endorsement of this service. This is not a loan modification or foreclosure service. There is no fee for the consultation.

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