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Texas payday cash advance

texas payday cash advance

Texas Payday Loans


Apply for a Online Cash Advance loan.

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The following cities have regulations on paycheck loans.Austin, Balcones Heights, Baytown, Bellaire, Bryan, College Station, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Flower Mound, Garland, Houston, Midland, San Antonio, Somerset, South Houston, Universal City, and West University Place.


Payday loan advances are for people who need extra money while they are in-between paychecks. Some consider payday loans to be issued by so-called loan sharks who are preying upon people of already limited means. These payday loan advances typically include sky-high interest rates that rapidly accumulate so it can become very difficult to pay back the loan.

Many laws have been passed to govern the payday loan industry in order to protect people from predatory loan services. Every state has specific laws about what should

happen if a person fails to pay back a payday loan, in most cases these loans are considered a civil matter and not a criminal offense. The federal law clearly states that criminal proceedings cannot ever be used to collect a debt.

However, the procedure of receiving a payday loan involves giving the loan provider permission to withdrawal the funds through a paper or electronic check. So, when people have failed to pay their payday loan and their check bounces, the loan company may try to peruse this matter as a criminal charge citing the borrower for writing fraudulent checks.

In Texas, unpaid payday loans are to be managed by the civil court and cannot be judged within a criminal court system. A recent revision of the laws pertaining to payday loans was made in 2012 in order to prevent criminal charges being filed in these cases. The laws in Texas are very precise, and a payday loan is considered to be a debt. Therefore, a person cannot have criminal charges placed against them for failing to repay a payday loan in Texas.

Unfortunately, there are many cases documented within the state of Texas showing many people who have been arrested and charged with criminal misconduct for failing to repay their payday loan. These arrests are a violation of both federal and state law.

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