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TOP SYSTEMS, a South American company based in Uruguay, was founded in 1987. The company operates in America and Europe and specializes in the development, implementation and maintenance of systems for the financial sector.

Via a merger in Q2 2012, Top Systems became part of the multinational Stefanini IT group, which is headquartered Brazil.

Top Systems currently operates in the Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, México, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Spain and Venezuela.

Product: TOPAZ Banking

Topaz Banking is a comprehensive on-line/real-time system, designed by Top Systems under an innovative approach to the financial activity. From the point of view of functionality, it is complete, covering the processing needs of the core system, as well as those of the institution’s main and branch offices. It combines the efficiency of a

system specially designed for banking and finance, with a powerful tool for the development of applications oriented to customers and products.

This tool is part of the Topaz family, which also includes TOPAZ Microfinance and TOPAZ Trace. TOPAZ Trace is a technology solution for money laundering prevention and detection (AML), and Topaz Microfinance is a specialized system for credit institutions.

History in Brief:

1989 – Topaz Banking 1 and 2 in DOS environment, independent PCs, LAN

1996 – Topaz Microfinance and Topaz Banking 3 and 4 in Windows environment, LAN/WAN, Database

Platform: Topaz Banking is designed for open technology architecture, made up of three logic layers that can be run independently:

Presentation Layer


(IBS 2007 primarily universal banking | Topaz Banking | Total Customers: 35 / New Signings in Yr: 5)

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