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At Your Service Online Information

At Your Service Online is a web application that allows you to update your personal data stored in UCLA's Employee Data Base. At Your Service Online is a secure website that you can use to:

  • Update your home address, home phone number, or add an additional personal email address.
  • Update your disclosure flags which indicate to UCLA whether to disclose your home address and phone number to employee organizations or for other University business purposes.
  • Calculate and update your tax withholding information.
  • Change your Password as well as set additional security features as part of the At Your Service Online application.
  • View and/or print a verification of your current employment status. The employment verification report contains the date and time the information is being viewed and:
    • Your Name, Campus, and Most Recent Hire Date
    • Separation Date (if applicable)
    • University Position Title (s) which is not necessarily your working title
    • Appointment Percent Time
    • Appointment Begin and End Dates
    • Appointment Pay Rate or Amount
    • Current Year-to-Date and Prior Calendar Year Gross Earnings and Federal Taxable Earnings
  • View and/or print your earnings statement and/or a payment summary.
  • View and/or print your W-2 form.

At Your Service Online is administered by the Office of the President. If you encounter problems using At Your Service Online, you should call UC Benefits Customer Service at 1-800-888-8267 and be prepared to tell them your employee ID number. Your may also be asked for your Security Word. The employment verification data are updated each night on the At Your Service Online website. If you have questions about the data on the Employment Verification Report, you should address your question to your department personnel office or EDB preparer.

Using the At Your Service Online Website

To access At Your Service Online, open your web browser, connect to the internet and enter the following address: A login screen should appear.

To login you need to enter your Username and your Password. If you forgot your Username or Password, you can click on the Forgot Username or Password links. You will be asked to identify yourself with your SSN or Username and if you have a work or personal email address on file, a randomly-generated temporary Password will be sent immediately to your email address(es). For security reasons, the temporary Password will expire after 4 hours. If you do not have an email address on file, you will get a message instructing you to contact a Benefit or Customer Service representative.

Note. For those employees who do have have a password but have a PIN number (either temporary or permanent), the first time you log on, you will use your 4 digit UC PIN to begin the login process. Next you will be prompted to change your PIN number to a 6-12 digit alpha-numeric Password. The Password is case sensitive. The following step is to create a Security Word which should NOT be the same as your password. On the final page before the main menu, you will have the opportunity to provide a personal email address or verify an existing personal email address.

Once you have logged in successfully, the At Your Service Main Menu will be displayed:

You can update your Payroll Address by selecting "My Contact Information". Your password can be changed by selecting "My Security Preferences". Other Payroll Information can be found under Income and Taxes. For example, to view your Direct Deposit advice, you would click on "Earnings Statement" listed under "Income & Taxes". The Pay Date Selection page would be displayed.

Online help is available for the Pay Date Selection Screen by clicking the help link. The help screen will pop up on top of the Pay Date Selection Screen. To read the entire help screen, you will need to scroll or click on the links available. The text on the help screen is shown below.

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