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uganda microfinance

Microfinance Opportunities in Uganda

Uganda is generally seen as the country with the most vibrant and successful microfinance industry in Africa. Some microfinance institutions (MFIs) have experienced strong growth and are now reaching a considerable number of clients, with three in particular serving between 25,000 and 45,000 clients. A series of impact studies conducted in Uganda in the past years have demonstrated that the provision of microfinance services contributes to reduced client vulnerability to economic risks; strengthened linkages of clients and their households to the agricultural sector; and the acquisition of highly needed skill sets.

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FSD works with several local organizations to provide training and economic opportunity to communities that lack sufficient resources. Working with interns, volunteers and donors, FSD engages programs that:

  • Supply capacity-building sessions that address budgeting, accounting, microfinance, management, and other small business subjects. Initiatives aim at supporting information sharing and networking between microenterprise leaders and those looking to develop small

    business skills.

  • Establish effective microfinance models that allow local clients to obtain loans for startup businesses, develop business plans, incorporate savings strategies, and invest in long-term enterprise growth.
  • Form strategic alliances between organizations that research and implement best practices for microenterprise development. Programs aim at optimally distributing small business expertise and microfinance opportunities throughout local communities.
  • Develop microcredit opportunities and provide vocational and/or life skills training for young entrepreneurs in rural communities. Initiatives aim at empowering youth with the tools needed to engage in the local economy.
  • Link small-scale producers and micro-service providers with larger organizations to access financial services and business expertise.
  • Develop radio programs, talk shows, advertising, and public relation programs that promote pressing health, HIV/AIDS, and community development issues.

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