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What are payday loans?

Payday loans are aimed at helping you cover essential costs on the rare occasion you are short of money one month. They provide a fast and simple solution to short term funding requirements.

As long as you are employed, or have a regular alternative income, are 18 years or older, and have a UK based bank account, then you will be considered for this solution.

How do they work?

At Bee Loans, we use specialist systems to automatically talk to a large panel of lenders, and match your details with their criteria for acceptance. This means that finding a solution is quick, easy, and hassle-free. We take the stress away from finding finance products, as the process is 100% online, and ensures you don't need to shop around - search over 40 providers with one click.

Once our software has matched you with a solution, you will be automatically redirected, and the core information filled out on your chosen lender's site. If you are happy with the proposition, simply finalise your application, and wait for the funds to transfer. Our service is 100% free to use, available at any time, and is offered with no obligation to accept the proposal, so give us a try today, you have nothing to lose.

Can you extend your agreement?

Payday loans should only be considered for short-term fixes to unexpected costly occurences, such as boiler breakages, mechanic fees, hospital bills, etc. If you extended the interest over a year, it would work out expensive, so please do not see this product as a way of dealing with existing, longer term debt.

We only partner with the best providers, where there is no automatic renewal policy evident, however it is still possible that this may occur. Usually, a fee is involved with a renewal, whether it be requested, or automatic. All lenders we work with have a different policy regarding renewals, so please check the terms carefully once we redirect you, before you finalising he agreement.

What is the maximum amount available?

The amount you can borrow varies from company to company. In general though, for first time customers, you will be able to borrow up to £750. Your salary will affect what you can borrow as well, so if you are rejected for a large amount, then it may be worth reapplying for a smaller amount that is more realistic for your situation. Please remember to budget carefully, as you can incur additional charges for late payment. This financial solution is not intended for long term use.

Responsible borrowing

  • Whilst your provider is bound by responsible lending rules and regulations, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you

    can meet your settlement in full.

  • If you fail to meet your settlement date, this will usually result in additional fees, which will increase the true cost of your finance.
  • Please remember that are only meant for one-off situations. It is possible to make repayments in over a month's time, but please read your lender's terms.
  • If you are already struggling with current debt of any type, then we encourage you to not apply with us. Please seek help for debt problems, or visit our money saving tips page to see how we can help.

Collection organisations

Most providers have relationships with collection agencies to help recover outstanding debt. This is usually only put in to action as a last resort; should ordinary attempts to resolve outstanding debt be unsuccessful (e.g. phone calls or emails). Each lender has different collection policies, so we urge you to check their terms before accepting your final agreement.

Late or non-payment penalty charges

As with all financial products, you should make every effort to settle your agreement on time. By doing so, it is possible that this will show on your credit report. If you are having difficulties in settling your agreement, then it is always best to speak with your provider in the first instance, as there is usually a way to avoid a late penalty fee.

Once you have applied with us, and accepted a provider's offer via their website, your relationship with us ends, and you then deal directly with them. It is therefore essential that you make every plan to settle in a timely fashion, and that you are happy with the lender's terms and conditions. Please remember, that time goes quickly, and your settlement date will be upon you before you know it. Also plan for busy banking periods, such as bank holidays, to ensure you have no trouble settling in full.

Credit reference organisations

Short term financial solutions are not, as some people think, exempt from credit reports. If you are not able to meet your repayment, it is likely that a credit reference organisation will be informed, and a note made on your credit report to reflect this. The implication of this is that your credit rating will be negatively impacted. These records may stay on your file for as long as 6 years, and could also be passed on to additional credit agencies or fraud organisations. This is to ensure that you can be tracked should another payment need to be chased from a creditor. Similarly, should you meet your settlement date in full, then a note could be made on your credit file that improves your credit rating. Please check your provider's terms regarding this.

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