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The text and the voices in the CBI do not synchronize. The sound is halting or stuttering.

Your CD-ROM drive is probably too slow to handle graphics and sound from the CD-ROM. You may want to try copying the course to your hard drive for better performance. First, see if you have sufficient space available – 650MB – on your hard drive. To copy the course, find the folder labeled “Microfinance Course” on the CD-ROM, and drag this folder icon on top of your hard drive icon. To run the course from this new folder on your hard drive, open the folder and double-click on the icon labeled “MF-Main”. You may also wish to make a Shortcut on your desktop to this file for ease of access (see Windows Help for information on how to do this).

Can I repeat screens, sections and whole lessons?

The navigation bar at the bottom of each screen allows you easy access to all these features. To repeat the current screen, click on the circular arrow on the navigation bar. This brings you back to the beginning of the current screen. To view the previous screen again, click on the left arrow. If you wish to repeat a section within a lesson, click on the ‘Lesson Menu’ tab at the bottom right of your screen. This will bring up the list of sections for the current lesson. Likewise, to repeat an entire lesson other than the current one, click on the ‘Main Menu’ tab in the lower right-hand corner. This returns you to the main screen with the list of all available lessons.

How can I stop during a lesson?

Will the lesson resume at the point where I stopped it? You can click on the Exit button at any time to exit the lesson. However, it is best to finish the section you are in before exiting. When you return to the lesson, the sections you have completed or initiated will be check marked. If you did not complete the entire section, return to it before moving on to the next one.

Do I need to take the lessons in the given order?

Yes, you must follow the prescribed order, as the material is progressive and sequential. Once you have finished a section or lesson, you can always go back to a previous one.

Why does the computer not bring me back to the place where I stopped when I enter the course again after quitting it?

This is likely due to improper exiting from the course. Every time that you exit the course using the Exit button in the lower right-hand corner, the CBI saves your place in the course as the last section completed in a given lesson. If you do not finish the section before hitting the Exit button, then when you return to the course, the computer will mark all lesson sections prior to that one as completed, but leave that one unchecked. For best results, you should always complete a lesson section up to the point where the “When you’re ready, return to the Lesson Menu” prompt comes up at the bottom of the screen. Likewise, if you exit the course in some other manner than by using the Exit button, the CBI will not track your progress.

How do I use the calculator?

The calculator used is the Windows calculator. It works like any simple calculator. It does not have financial functions such as solving for interest rates or payment amounts. You can use it with the keyboard or via mouse click.

I have never worked with Excel before. I am not familiar with the use of formula in Excel.

You will need to work with Excel for modules 2 and 3 of the course. If you are not familiar with Excel, refer to the “Contents and Index” section from the Help menu in Excel. This is an excellent resource, and with a little experience, should prove helpful in answering most of your Excel-related

questions. You will need to know how to enter information into a cell for this course, as well as make basic calculations. All basic equations in Excel require that you enter an equal sign “=” in a cell before beginning any calculations. A little experimentation, even for novice Excel users, will make you comfortable enough to perform the basic calculations necessary for completing this course.

Why are there so many Excel spreadsheets open on my screen?

Every time that you launch an Excel function from the CBI, such as the payment calculator or APR calculator, a new spreadsheet opens on your computer. To make sure that you keep using the same spreadsheet for your work on the CBI, make sure to switch between the CBI and Excel using the [Alt]-[Tab] function described in How to Use This Package. Rather than hit the Payment calculator button on the CBI, switch back to the Excel spreadsheet still open on your computer.

How can I keep track of my coins earned in the exercises?

The number of coins you have accumulated will show on top of the coin stack. You will find this in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Click on the coin stack to access the bonus video section of this CBI.

What if my computer breaks down during the course?

If your computer crashes, reboot your computer as you normally would, and try starting the course again. To reboot your computer, you can hit [Ctrl]-[Alt]- [Del] on you keyboard or push the reboot button on your computer, if it has one. This should recover from most basic computer crashes. If the CBI makes your computer crash, there may be not be enough space on your computer. Try removing some large files and saving them on an external drive, such as a floppy disk, zip, or CD-ROM. You might also check to make sure that your CD-ROM drive is clean. CD-ROM cleaners are widely available commercially. However, if your computer is infected by a virus or has a more serious operational problem you may need to re-install your operating system from the recovery disk that came with your computer or, preferably, contact a computer technical assistance provider in your area.

What do I do if I no longer have access to the same computer during the course?

You need access to the same computer from the beginning to the end of this course. The CBI keeps track of your progress on a file stored on your computer. Should you need to change computers during your course study, you will either have to copy this file from the hard drive of the original computer or begin again. To copy the file, you should double-click on “My Computer” on your desktop, and proceed to double-click on the icon for your hard drive, presumably the “C:\” drive. Here you will find a folder called “UN Student Data”. Copy this folder to your floppy disk drive, probably the “A:\” drive. Take this disk to your new computer and copy this same folder to the hard drive of that computer. If you are participating in the virtual classroom, however, you must notify the course tutor if you will no longer be able to use the same computer for completing this course. The tutor will have to provide you with new student tracking files to allow you to access the next lesson. In all cases, alert your tutor if such a problem risks delaying you participation in the course.

No. The tutor has no means of monitoring your progress through the computer-based instruction, including any use of the coins. The grade you will receive for your participation will be based on your performance in the homework assignments and discussions.

No. You are free to take as much time as you want to work through each lesson.

What if I lose my e-mail connection during the weeks of the course?

Please alert your tutor immediately should you need to change e-mail addresses during this course.

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