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United Cash Loans ( ) has made getting money for that unexpected need even easier. Payday loans have been around for years. Short term loans based on having a steady paycheck instead of spotless credit made it easier for a person to get money fast in an emergency. The advent of the Internet made short-term paycheck loans even more prevalent. Still, even getting a payday loan online could be inconvenient and take a lot of time. Pay stubs had to be faxed; documents had to be signed and returned. People make payday loans because they are in a hurry for cash. Borrowing money to cover an emergency expense is not the time a person wants to have to be printing out documents, making copies of paychecks, and having to fax in all that information. Now, for most of its customers, United Cash Loans has taken the hassle out of borrowing money online.

How does the no fax payday loan from United Cash Loans work? Begin your application for a no fax payday loan by visiting the United Cash Loans website ( ) and filling out their simple online application. The application process should take five minutes or less. After the information has been received, you'll receive an e-mail. Click on the e-mail to confirm its receipt, and generally within 24 hours your cash will be in your account. Your payments will be deducted from your checking account per the terms of your loan. United Cash Loans know things don't always go as expected when paying bills. Your loan can be renewed if you're still short of funds when it comes time to make your payment; only a small renewal fee will apply.

What does it cost to borrow money from United Cash Loans? The

fees for a payday loan are usually less than those most banks charge for a returned check. The fees you pay will be determined by your particular circumstances. United Cash Loans works with each customer on an individual basis. All the pertinent details can be found in your loan documents. People who don't have access to a printer to make copies of their loan agreements can have the documents sent to them via fax or e-mail.

What do you need to apply for a loan from United Cash Loans? Applicants must have a job or a steady source of income. Income must be at least $800 a month. Borrowers must also be at least 18 years of age and citizens of the United States. Loan applicants must also have a checking account in good standing. In a few circumstances, other documents may be required. Bankruptcy, bad credit, and returned checks do not eliminate you from applying to borrow money from United Cash Loans. Once you've established yourself as a good customer, it's easy to reactivate your loan should the need arise. The company also has several other programs which may be of interest including a $7,500 Unsecured Gold Card.

There are a lot of online payday loan companies. United Cash Loans stands out from the rest for two reasons. First, they know you wouldn't be asking for a loan if you didn't need cash in a hurry for a good reason. Second, they want to get your money to you with as little hassle and as quickly as possible. So, if you have an emergency and need a short term loan of up to $500, consider United Cash Loans. Get more information or submit your application online today by visiting their website at

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