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"Universal" payday loan scam

universal payday


21 Apr 2015 | 4 replies

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know of a new payday loan scam that I have been receiving calls from. They call from multiple numbers.

I received a call from a local number from my area (obviously spoofed). They left a message claiming to be an investigator "Robert Carlyle" representing Bank of America about fraudulent check charges. So I called the number back that he left on my machine. The number is 1-866-362-1545. When I called it back they answered "legal department". The man I spoke with claimed that I owed money on an old payday loan. I asked him to send me everything in writing and he said he would to my email it to me (he never did send anything). I said if he proved I owed the money, I would pay. He claimed that I could be arrested for check fraud. They also called some relatives of mine. I requested that he stop calling me, and I hung up.

About a week later, I receive another call from the same voice (he didnt leave his name this time) saying that if I dont pay today he would forward the case to my citys county office (Im assuming he meant the police). This time he called from 1-800-216-9612, but told me to call back at 1-877-241-3256.

So rather than call the 877 number, I called the

800 number first. Some woman answered and I asked her what the name of her company was. She said "I represent lots of companies". I explained to her that I had received calls claiming they were going to arrest me and she seemed very confused. Shes asked for my name and I gave it to her and she said my "case" was being handled by "Universal". I asked for the address and she gave me PO Box 157, Bountiful, Utah 84010. She transfered me to someone and I got a voice mail. So I hung up and called the 877 number and again I was sent to someones voicemail. So I called again and said to the woman who answered "legal dept" that I want to speak to someone now and that I keep getting sent to voicemail and I want info on their company. So she said "leave a message" and hung up on me. I called yet again, and they put me on hold, and hung up on me. Again I called and now it says that the number is out of service. So I tried all the other numbers they called from and they all say "out of service" (they must have blocked my number).

Just wanted to warn people about these guys. Their very convincing and call from multiple spoofed numbers. If anyone has any further info about these guys, please provide it here. Thanks!

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