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VC funding payday loan

vc funding payday loans

Sub: #2 I got a threatening email for VC Funding and Fleet Funding from Fri, 01/08/2010 - 14:41

I got a threatening email for VC Funding and Fleet Funding from another company called, which is the website for Lansbridge Group. Also affiliated with a nasty collections company from Canada. They are ruthless and debited my account without authorization! The numbers for them are 866-661-4556 and 866-923-1115.

I have never taken out a loan with either, Loan shop, VC Funding, Arrowhead Investments or Total Lending but around 1:00 am this morning I received back to back emails from all 4 companies with loan documents attached to each email with my personal and financial information attached. It. s plain from the emails all of these companies are associated

but I've checked an none are licensed to do business in Virginia.

I'm so upset, because these companies are explaining to me how they are going to put $300.00 in my bank account x 4, which there is an $90.00 x 4 finance charge every two weeks, meaning because they have 4 fabricated applications they I. m going to receive $1200.00 with a $360.00 finance fee.

It. s almost as if they are forcing me to take a loan to make me pay the interest because I never applied for a pay day loan with any of these companies. I'm contacting my bank and each company this morning to put a stop to this issue. Is this some new type of extortion?

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