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PAYDAY: The Web Series

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PAYDAY: The Web Series directed by Demian Lichtenstein is the main advertising and first look into the backstory of the new game by Overkill Software, PAYDAY 2. There are a total of six episodes in the Web Series, with a 7th one the serial is being worked on as well as a movie. [1]



Every episode of the web series were officially released on Steam as of the Jacket Character Pack update. They can be viewed here.

Cast & Crew (TBA)

Demian Lichtenstein.


Eric Etebari is an American film actor director and producer. He has worked in films such as "The Fast and the Furious 2", "Cellular", and "The Lincoln Lawyer". In the PAYDAY: The Web Series, Etebari plays as Dallas. the self proclaimed leader of the PAYDAY Crew and is also the bank manager of First World Bank (Web Series). Dallas is also the older brother of Houston played by Derek Ray. Eric Etebari is the in-game model of Dallas in PAYDAY 2, however Dallas is voiced by Simon Kerr.

Derek Ray  is an American television film actor. He is known for shows such as "Mad Men", "Southland", and "Revenge". In the PAYDAY: The Web Series, Ray plays as Houston. the cocky jokester of the PAYDAY Crew and is the younger brother of Dallas played by Eric Etebari. There is little information about what Houston does outside the group. Derek Ray is also the in-game model of Houston.

Ulf Andersson  is a Swedish lead game designer at Overkill Software. He is known for co-founding Grin a Swedish game company with his brother Bo Anderrson (CEO of Starbreeze studios). Andersson is also the co-founder of Overkill Software. In the PAYDAY: The Web Series, he is known for playing his character Wolf. he is the only character in

the Web Series to be inspired, voiced, and acted by Andersson himself. There is little information about his life outside the PAYDAY Crew in the Web Series. Wolf is now played by Christian Hicks. During the first two episodes, Wolf was credited as himself.

Christian Hicks is an American film actor. He is found to be the new actor and there isn't any information out there to date his official career. This may be his first time portrayed as a main character in a show. He now plays as Wolf  in the PAYDAY: Web Series.

Damion Poitier  is an American film actor and stuntman. He is known in films and television shows such as "Jarhead", "The Avengers", and "True Blood". In PAYDAY: The Web Series, Poiter plays as Chains. the Enforcer of the PAYDAY Crew. Chains is known for his military tactics, quick thinking, and positive personality. There is little information about his life outside the crew.

Digger T. Mesch is an American film actor and producer. He is known for his role in various films such as "Ultraviolet", "Vampire Effect", and "Mental". In the PAYDAY: Web Series, Mesch plays as the global private entity known only as Bain . Bain is the "Brain" of the PAYDAY Crew from which is name derives from. There is little to no information on exactly who Bain is outside of the crew. The only thing people know is, he is the creator of Crime-Net, has thousands of contacts and he has his fingers in every major crime done within D.C. The name is synonymous to crime and he only contacts the best of the best. Bain is the only other character from the web series to be voiced differently in Payday 2. The lead composer of PAYDAY 2, Simon Viklund voices Bain in PAYDAY 2. web payday

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