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What is a microfinance?

Microloan and microfinance in their essence are the mechanisms allowing to get a small short term loan without collateral to development or opening a small business. Traditionally, the purpose of such loan are not able to repay other debt or buying a real estate.

Clients of microfinance institutions are often called microenterprise. The modern system of microfinance began in 1970, when Muhammad Yunus began to provide small loans to the poor communities of women in Bangladesh. Today the system saved hundreds of millions from poverty of the people.

What is microcredit

Microcredit is a type of loan which provides for the granting of small loans without the requirement of a large package of documents, collateral and for short term. Currently, widespread this model of microcredit as Paycheck Loan or Cash advance.

What is microfinance

Microfinance is obtaining a micro-loan from other individuals and legal entities. Microfinance originated in 1970 as the provision of small (micro) loans and Deposit products to people who are on the lower level of the economic pyramid. It all started with the fact that Muhammad Yunus began to provide small loans to the poor communities of women in Bangladesh. The era of commercial microfinance began in 2000s. For his invention Yunus received the Nobel Prize in 2006.

Article about What is a microfinance? has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the

Internet. The exact rates, APR, terms and conditions are unclear, but there is actual information.

What is a microloan

Under the microloan usually meant the loan provided by the U.S. government through the Small Business Administration aka SBA for the purpose of small business support program through the intermediation of microfinance institutions.

The maximum period of repayment is limited to 6 years. The specific terms, rates and fees depend on the particular intermediary lender. APR varies between 8% and 13%. To get a Microloan, you must apply only to SBA approved intermediary.

The main difference between this two loan types is in the source of funding, the amounts available and correspondingly, some of the procedures for obtaining.

What is the meaning of microfinance

Microfinance is effective because it is based on trust and reputation and meets the needs of people excluded from the existing financial system. It allows low-income microentrepreneurs to refuse the services of lending market and for the first time to save money.

Social impact of microfinance is huge. Looking back, we can say that we saw the possibility of commercial capital, which helps innovative tool to grow and develop. Of course, without commercial microfinance investment would not be available for such a large number of people (in this case, the repayment rates are still kept at a level close to 100%).

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