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Payday 2: The Beginner’s Guide

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If you are not familiar with the Payday Series, or if you are having troubles understanding some of the game’s concepts, this guide is intended for you. The idea behind this Payday 2 guide is to provide you with all the necessary information to understand what the game, and your crew, might expect from you. This is not a guide that will tell you how to stealth every single heist, that is something you will have to figure out on your own. However, with this guide, you will understand some of the concepts in the game that will allow you to stealth.

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When the going gets tough, get tougher.

Notice: I am still producing relevant pictures for the Guide, as well as performing a few small tests. The Guide will be steadily updated.

Payday 2: Controls

When you first enter the game you will have the option of going to the Safehouse. This is, in essence, your brief tutorial where you learn how to throw items, move around, use objects, and if you choose to try out the different rooms also how to unlock doors, place and restart drills and use the ammo bag. The controls in Payday 2 are very simple. In many ways it is just like any standard FPS. You move around with the AWSD buttons, jumps with the spacebar, crouch with ctrl, interact with objects through F, throw currently held items and deploying specials with G and performing melee attacks with any weapon with E. The F button is also used for highling special enemies and during stealth rounds you can point to guards, in order to highlight them.

Left mouse button fires your weapon. Currently none of the guns have alternate firing modes, so you are stuck with whatever the weapon has. The right mouse button makes you use the ironsights or scope (if you have one mounted) increasing your accuracy and control. You can also sprint with Shift, but how long you sprint depends on your skills as well as the mobility and weight of your equipment. This will be explained in more detail later.

Payday 2: What is it about?

In Payday 2 you and your friends (or at least fellow heisters) perform different tasks for money. There is nothing else to it but the money. In order to get money you need to perform heists. As you level up you will unlock more heists. There are two types of heists, standard heists and pro jobs. A standard heist, if failed, can be retaken time and time again. It has four difficulty ratings, starting from standard, hard, very hard and overkill. Pro Jobs are a “win or lose” scenario. If you fail during any of

the days of the heist you cannot retake it from the last checkpoint. Your host will have to find it again on Crime Net and start over from the beginning. The higher the difficulty the more experience and money you earn. Each heist has assets that the host can purchase. Assets include useful information, additional ammo and medical bags, or useful equipment or perks to use during the heist. In order to find out which of these assets are useful you will have to experiment.

Taking a closer look at how much experience and money will a heist give you will help you decide whether it is worth your time or not. However, the size of the payday does not reflect how much spending money you will get. To calculate that you should divide your payday by 20. That is more or less how much you will earn (though you could earn more through bonus loot).

Not every asset is useful for every occasion. For example, the Bad Music asset on Nightclub is only useful if you want to attempt the stealth approach. If you plan on going in loud there is no reason for buying this asset. In the same way the Medical Bag on Bank Heist spawns outside the bank, and on higher difficulty settings this might make it useless, since the sheer number of tough enemies will not let you reach it. Each heist has a number of random factors that influence how the mission will play out. The location of mission items will change, where and how many guards there might be, where the civilians will be located, even how much loot is present. In Nightclub you might attempt the stealth approach, only to find the manager’s office filled with gangsters, while during the loud approach it might be completely empty. Payday 2 calls for a lot of practice, in order to learn what to do when a certain situation arises. At the same time it’s not a bad idea to have a backup plan. For example, if you get discovered there is no need to use a silent drill that could take five minutes to open a safe, you might instead use C4 in order to escape much sooner.

There are different types of objectives. Just like in the previous Payday you will find recovery and waiting tasks. However there are also far more objective types in Payday 2. For example, in Mallcrash you have to destroy property, that is your primary objective. In Rats you have to cook meth, and later trade it. Escort tasks appear to be gone (at least as far as I have played) but there are many more tasks you will have to pay far more careful attention to.

Let’s take a few steps back.

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