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Here is annotated Bibliography of Resources on Stewardship that I used in preparing my talks for my Ugandan Mission Trip in March of 2003.

Following are Links and Resources on Christian Micro-enterprise Development.

  • Stewards in the Kingdom, A Theology of Life in All Its Fullness. R. Scott Rodin, InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois

A solid effort to lay a theological foundation for Stewardship - This is an excellent book!

  • The Steward, A Biblical Symbol Come of Age . Douglas John Hall, Friendship Press, NY,

    A book that tries to restore the metaphor of the "Steward" to its place in the life of the church

  • On The Pilgrim's Way. Christian Stewardship and the Tithe, John K. Brackett Morehouse Publishing, Harrisburg, PA

  • Neither Poverty nor Riches. A Biblical Theology of Material Possessions. Craig L. Blomberg. William B Eerdmans. Grand Rapids, 1999

    This book is a very solid and detailed study on wealth in the Bible. Highly recommended if you want God's perspective.

  • Wealth As Peril and Obligation: The New Testament on Possessions by Sondra Ely Wheeler Paperback: 180 pages Publisher: Wm. B Eerdmans Publishing Co.; (May 1996)

    My knowledge of this book was limited to an on line summary of a couple of its

    chapters. It is said to be a thesis level study on the subject.

  • Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators . David Chilton

    This book seeks to answer the very popular and influencal Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger. by Ron Sider -which avocated a simpler life style, errs greviously on what the Bible teaches, with strong socialist tendencies. Chilton sets forth clearly the "Protestant Work Ethic" as taught in the Bible.

  • Stepping Stones of the Steward: A Faith Journey Through Jesus' Parables by Ronald E. Vallet, (Eerdmans, 1994) also by him: The Steward Living in Covenant: A New Perspective on Old Testament Stories (Eerdmans, 2001) and Congregations at the Crossroads: Remembering to Be Households of God (Eerdmans, 1998)

    I haven't read these yet, but they look like promising developments of the Biblical material.

  • The Micah Principle: Balancing the Christian Life by George Grant. (Cumberland, 1999)

    Can social involvement and spirituality come together? The real question, according to George Grant, is whether they can ever be separated. Justice without mercy, or mercy without justice are biblically impossible.

  • The Calvinist Concept of Culture By Henry Van Til

    Internet Resources: I also found the following web sites had useful resource material:

    Christian Microenterprise Development: Christian Solutions to Poverty

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