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Women Advancing Microfinance New York

women advancing microfinance

Women Advancing Microfinance New York

We are a growing community of women (and yes, a few good men!) who are passionate about leadership, microfinance, professional development, promoting empowerment for women, and achieving a work-life balance. Whether you are just starting out your career, or are a seasoned professional, our WAM NY community provides you with opportunities to learn from thought leaders, network with peers, take part in professional development events, volunteer, and explore ways in which you can make a difference in the lives of women globally. Our events, learning and leadership development agenda focuses on:

Personal & Professional Development Workshops

Designed as platforms for education and learning, our in-person events cover a range of issues from Innovation in Microfinance and Financial Services for Women, to Voices from the Field, Career Development workshops and Conversations with Thought Leaders.

Networking Events

Amongst the many benefits of networking in a supportive and friendly environment, joining WAM NY allows you to create a community of people who support each other professionally and emotionally. This community can also provide information that can help you learn of new developments, opportunities and innovation in your field. including training programs related to your career and development.

Local, On-site Microfinance Tours

These events are customized for small groups. Site visits offer an opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn about how entrepreneurs and startup businesses really operate and manage the challenges they face day to day. You are given the opportunity to meet

dynamic entrepreneurs on a one-on-one basis.

Connecting with Innovators, Disruptors and Thought-Leaders

At WAM NY we strive to explore new forums of learning and expand opportunities to meet leaders who inspire, share experiences and help us understand pressing issues of our time in an environment of collective learning. This small group event gives you the opportunity to meet dynamic individuals who are leading their organizations in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

Discussion & Dialogue around Women’s Leadership Issues and Microfinance

Women face many challenges in their aspirations to become leaders, agents of change, and CEOs, as well as pursuing their passions and dreams. It can be daunting figuring everything out! Being part of our community allows you to meet others who have similar experiences and to learn from shared challenges.

Supporting Economically Disadvantaged Women Globally

Through our Scholarship Initiative, you can support women who, like you, aspire to be agents of change and leaders in their communities and organizations. Through this initiate we help women play a larger leadership role in their communities globally.

Member Engagement

We love to have our members participate in other creative ways, so share your ideas with us. If you have an interesting story, article or suggestions for an event feel free to contact us. We invite you to be part of our growth and learning, as we evolve as a community that helps each other realize our dreams and pursue our passions and interests!

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