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VisionFund International has over 80 international staff in its global centre located in every region of the world. In addition, its network of more than thirty microfinance institutions (MFIs) employ over 7000 staff in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Many of VisionFund's staff at both the international global centre and MFI level attend microfinance related events throughout the year, within a a variety of country and industry contexts. Some of these events are listed below. If you are a VisionFund affiliated employee and are attending an event not listed here, or if you are an event organizer and would like VisionFund to consider attending/presenting at your event, please email: a.


Event: European Microfinance Week 2015

Host: The European Microfinance Platform

VisionFund attendee: Stewart McCullogh, Global Insurance Director

Dates: November 18-20, 2015

Location: Luxembourg

Summary: European Microfinance Week is the major annual event of the microfinance industry hosting high level and in-depth discussions by all sectors of the European microfinance communityworking in developing countries. The theme of the 2015 European Microfinance Week is Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Development, and will feature a broad range of plenaries, workshops and smaller working group meetings.

Event: 14th University Meets Microfinance Workshop

Host: e-MFP Action Group

VisionFund attendee: Johanna Ryan, Organisational Effectiveness, Director

Dates: September 14, 2015

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Summary: The 14th University Meets Microfinance (UMM) Workshop invites university students, researchers and practitioners to explore the topics of Responsible Inclusive Finance and Customer Empowerment through various plenary and panel sessions by experts in the field of microfinance and financial inclusion.


Microfinance in a Technology-enabled World of Financial Inclusion

Host: Global Philanthropy Forum

VisionFund attendee: Scott Brown, President & CEO

Dates: January 8, 2015

Location: Stanford, California, USA

Summary: For the 2.5 billion people who lack access to basic financial services, physical proximity to banks and loan offices are too often the primary barrier. Digital and mobile technologies are starting to change the landscape of financial access. Poor communities that were once invisible to financial institutions are now accessible and present viable market opportunities. New innovations and technologies are redefining microfinance – its products, its delivery and its future. What are the opportunities and challenges facing microfinance in this digital age, and how can it best serve those who still lack access to basic financial services? What is the role of philanthropy to foster innovation in microfinance and strengthen the field? Join us for a lunch and round table conversation with members of The Microfinance CEO Working Group, a collaborative effort to strengthen the microfinance industry by advocating for responsible microfinance practices and committing to upholding their organizations to the highest standards.

Event: European Microfinance Week 2014 - Developing Better Markets

Location: Luxembourg

Summary: European Microfinance Week in Luxembourg, placed its attention this year on "Developing Better Markets", a key focus to be discussed in the context of digital innovations, investment, social performance and sustainability. 2014's conference, run for the ninth straight year by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP), brings together over 400 opinion-leaders, top management of banks, funds and other financial institutions, practitioners, academics, analysts, raters and industry commentators to present key innovations, challenges and the work conducted in the previous year by e-MFP's several dedicated Action Groups.

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