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Helping People Lift Themselves out of Poverty

According to the World Bank, 64% of adults in the developing world do not have access to basic financial services such as savings accounts and loans.

This represents millions of hardworking people who have dreams and the ability to start small businesses that can help them reach their goals. What these entrepreneurs lack is someone who will believe in their potential and help them take the first step out of poverty. Microfinance is one of our best tools to foster dignity and self-sufficiency among the poor.

World Relief Canada’s microfinance programs provide sustainable solutions that make it possible for families to feed their children, send them to school and provide health care when they fall ill.

Your gift provides entrepreneurs with access to financial services, including small loans, along with the coaching and training they need to start a business that can provide for their families and strengthen the community.

Elizabeth Takes a Giant Step

with a Small Loan

Elizabeth Niaku is a widow living in Kimona, Kenya, who is raising four children on her own. She works hard to provide for her family, and her children have benefitted greatly from her involvement in a savings group. Recently, “my son got sick and was admitted to the hospital,” Elizabeth says. “And I had no money to pay his medical bill.” So she turned to her savings group for the help she needed to care for her son.

“I was able to get a loan of 500 shillings (about CDN $6),” she says, “and the group gave me 300 shillings from the social fund.”

These loans may seem small, but they have made a gigantic difference for Elizabeth and her son, who now is able to return to school and enjoy good health.

“This really assisted me to settle the medical bill, and I now am paying back the loan thanks to my savings group.”

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