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Ease and Convenience

In addition to these basic requirements, our type of loans are also easy to obtain, and in many cases can be obtained in as little as 1 hour. So long as you are able to provide proof of the requirements to our lenders, you should be able to obtain one of these loans, the beauty is all of our lenders offer online application services where you can submit an online application in as little as 15 minutes.

Once you have submitted your application, our lender will verify that the requirements submitted are accurate. So long as direct deposits in the required amounts are seen being submitted into your bank account, the lender will then electronically deposit the funds into your account for you to use at your discretion.

The first time you use this service there is typically a limit as to how much you may be able to borrow. Many times this ranges in the amounts of $100-$200. Upon proof of timely repayment, these amounts may be increased so long as you maintain a solid repayment history. In some cases, you may be able to take up to $1500 in a single Payday Loan depending upon how much our lender is willing to loan you.


In most instances, the terms of the repayment of these cash loans are that upon the next Direct Deposit, our lender will then automatically pull the funds back from your account in addition to a small fee for the loan service. Because this lending and repayment is all handled electronically, this only adds to the overall convenience of utilizing our service for your financial needs.

There are those times when the loan amount may be either too large to be repaid in one pay period or when something comes up prohibiting you from making your payment upon the previously determined repayment date. There are usually a couple options available. Prior to the disbursement of the loan, the terms are open to negotiation. When taking a larger loan that may require a few repayment periods, these terms can typically be worked out at the onset

of the process. In these instances, there are typically additional fees or a higher interest rate involved, but they are known and agreed upon terms before the loan ever changes hands.

For those times when you are planning to repay the loan and something unexpected comes up that would prevent you from doing so, you have loan extension options available to you as well. Again, these typically come with additional fees and potentially higher interest rates. All terms of the Payday Loan are laid out from the beginning of the process however, so there are no surprises if these additional fees and rates apply.

Interest Rates

One question that typically comes up when applying for these Payday Loans is, “What kind of interest rates apply to these loans?” This is a valid question and one you need to ask prior to agreeing to the loan. Because Payday Loans are designed as short-term financial help, they do carry higher than normal interest rates. The percentage of interest may vary from lender to lender, but looking at a double-digit interest rate for a Payday Loan is not uncommon. Again, these are legitimate loan options, so the terms are laid out from the beginning, but you can expect to pay a higher interest rate than you would for a standard longer-term loan.

Because our loans are decided based on a brief look at your income being direct deposited into your bank account. By agreeing to the terms, you are also agreeing that this payment will come out of your bank account automatically regardless of any other financial obligations you may have.

In the end, for the short-term, Payday Loans can be very effective in helping you cover an unexpected expense or making ends meet for a month or two. Should you need a more long-term option to help you out financially, these type of loans may not be right for you. Ultimately, you need to take a look at your current and anticipated financial situation for the foreseeable future and determine if a Payday Loan is what you need to continue on your road to financial success.

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