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In July 2014 I received notification from CMG that my July mortgage was not received. I assured them that the payment was made and made on time like ALL prior payments. The call taker responded as if I was lying to him. After numerous conversations with CMG and letters, they still accused me of being delinquent. I was subsequently able to track my payment of $1,943.56 which was brought to the attention of CMG. CMG subsequently sent me a confirmation letter stating the funds were mistakenly deposited into a lock box in Los Angeles. CMG acknowledged their mistake but will do nothing to reimburse my payment. Instead I still receive delinquent letters and phone calls. I even contacted my bank who in turn has received lies and misleading information from CMG.

I reported the incident to the BBB since CMG erroneously reported me to all three credit bureaus. My credit score went

down drastically. I have hired Lexington Law to help me in this nightmare. It is now December 30, 2014 and I am still receiving delinquent telephone calls and letters from CMG. Their mistake has caused me six months of headaches and many sleepless nights.

I'd love to refinance with another bank, but thanks to CMG and their reporting me to the credit bureaus, no other mortgage will touch me. I have told CMG that they will get their payment when I finally correct THEIR mistake. A retired veteran should not be treated like this. I never had this many headaches in my 20+ years of honorable military duty. I hate this company (CMG) and will do everything I can to get away from them as soon as I can. I wish all readers the best of luck, and please stay away from CMG. I am certainly spreading the word to my fellow retired veterans. Happy New Year.

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