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Known as the mile high city, Denver has long been a popular tourist destination, as well as a favorite place to take up residence. Dotted with lush greenbelts, inviting parks, fine restaurants of all persuasions and small and large shops of all kinds, Denver is a great place to live or visit. Historically, a few flakes of gold that were discovered in 1858 brought settlers to Denver although it was one of the only U.S. cities not built directly on a body of water, existing road or railroad. Initially a group of local boosters called their little South Platte River frontier mining camp Denver in hopes of garnering political favor with then Territorial Governor of Kansas, James Denver; but unfortunately, unbeknownst to those early residents, Governor Denver had retired before the town was officially named. At the onset, Denver was actually three separate towns, but the other two names were dropped back in 1859 in exchange for a barrel of whiskey that they all shared. In a fitting turn of events, a saloon was the very first permanent structure erected in Denver. In spite of dire warnings by the local Indians about building there, those early Denver settlers were never prone to listening; therefore the first few years brought total destruction to Denver twice, by fire and flood, in 1863 and 1864 respectively.

Immediately following the Civil War, the African-American military units dubbed the Buffalo Soldiers were stationed in Denver and the surrounding areas. During the early Wild West days, Buffalo Bill Cody was one of the numerous interesting individuals who liked to spend time in the mile high city. Denver has never suffered for need of colorful Denver natives or new residents and some are even well-known celebrities like international ski champions Emiko Torito, Chris Anthony, Michelle Roark and

Max Mancini, popular comedian Josh Blue, Dog the Bounty Hunter, football great John Elway, Tim Allen, actress Pam Grier and even superstar Johnny Dep, who recently purchased Willie Nelson's house in Evergreen. Former famous residents include Douglas Fairbanks, Bat Masterson, Madeleine Albright, Don Cheadle, and the popular rock band The Fray. For avid sports fans, Denver happens to be one of two U.S. cities to have 8 professional sports teams in every major area of sports. Other popular Denver attractions include the Denver Brewery Tours, Denver Farmers Market, the Denver Bike Trails, Movies Under the Stars, Denver Performing Arts, Hispanic Denver, the Dragon Boat Festival, Denver Food and Drink Festivals, the Great American Beer Fest, and so much more that we can't even list it all here.

With so much to do in Denver, being short of money is a definite hindrance. Many residents and visitors alike turn to payday loans in Denver to bridge the gap between expenses and payday. Who hasn't, at one time or another, found themselves short on necessary resources to deal with either day-to-day expenses or an unexpected cost such as a family emergency involving kids or pets, unplanned NSF fees at the bank, auto repairs, a car insurance policy that is going to lapse, or a possible utility shut-off? Also, a surprise visit from out-of-town family or friends could send a family into a financial tailspin just trying to cover the cost of showing them around and entertaining them for a week. All of these concerns can become a thing of the past with one of our readily available Denver payday loans options. You can begin the fast and easy process by filling out our secure form and be on your way to receiving needed funds for any purpose by as early as tomorrow.

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