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You have made the first step in a journey that can have profound life-changing effects. At BYC|YOGA26 (formerly Bikram Yoga Columbia) we know yoga as a remarkable practice that helps us use our own bodies for preventative health and a way to a peaceful existence.

In 2007 we opened our doors and introduced Columbia to the amazing therapeutic benefits of Bikram’s Hot Yoga, a unique and specific sequence of 26 postures practiced in a heated room. As one of the first Bikram studios in the region, we’ve seen other Bikram and other “hot yoga” studios come and go. As every studio is unique, we want you to know what we at BYC|YOGA26 are all about.

We are not interested in killing you with the heat; we use it as a device to allow the body to open up into the postures, promote flexibility and aid in detoxification. We are not interested in developing yogi pretzels; we want our students to achieve correct form

before maximum depth. We are not interested in reciting from a script; we are here to teach yoga and keep you motivated for 90 minutes. We want you to work to the best of your ability on any given day…even it that means reminding you to have compassion for yourself and take a break!

BYC|YOGA26 has created a community and environment that promotes a peaceful, meditative and communal experience so you can work on you without judgement or criticism. Come as you are and we will help you get the rest of the way. The yoga is therapeutic, so whatever your body needs at the moment, as long as you are open to it, the yoga will provide. By exploring our boundaries in posture and being aware of our breath, we create a mindful, moving mediation and discover our own source of health.

If you’re ready to get started, and don’t forget to check out our Survival Guide so you know what to expect on your first class.

Welcome to BYC|YOGA26 where you learn to “BE YOUR CURE!”

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