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just had that same message from that guy Doug Daniels, and it was from 808-450-2194 when i look up the number it is not from hawaii, its from india-

24 Jun 2014 | 5 replies

I just received a missed call and automated voice message almost identical to those received by others on this thread. The call came from 616-920-9168 and the message stated:

"This confidential message is to inform you that you have a legal matter pending to be filed against you within the next 24 hours.

To make a statement against this claim, which would result in a wage garnishment or civil judgment, you must call Richard Blackburn at 616-920-5168.

Your case number is. [message cut off]"

*Interestingly, the number for Richard Blackburn above is just one digit off from the number they used to call


When, out of curiosity, I dialed the latter, it connected to an automatic voicemail with no identifying information; however when I dialed the former, I was connected to what was made to sound like the welcome message for a company by the name of "Legal Mediation Solutions" (Unsurprisingly, a subsequent internet search was unable to find any info on a company with that name- save an almost-blank Facebook page.)

I have to admit, although I knew in my mind that any individual/company leaving such a message was definitely not operating a legitimate legal practice, my stomach dropped when I first listened to it -

I'm thankful for threads such as this one for confirming my suspicions and slowing my heart rate :-/ Hopefully these guys are taken down before they threaten/worry many other people!

Caller: Legal Mediation Solutions

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