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Define Fasting: The MPA Way

Kicking off July 18-20th we are encouraging our friends and supporters to join in fasting for 36 hours to experience at a small level what it is like to be hungry, in solidarity with those around the world for whom daily hunger is not an option. This is an opportunity to share your experience  with your friends and family by asking them to sponsor you for each hour of your fast (or to make a flat donation).

Fasting is totally different for every person who participates.  Traditional fasting would be defined as abstaining from food for a duration, but with MPA fasting can be abstaining from whatever is meaningful to you.  For some this might mean not having coffee in remembrance of those around the world facing hunger and poverty.  For others it might mean abstaining from one meal during the 36 hour period.  Here’s a few ideas on ways you could fast with MPA July 18-20th to help fundraise and support our projects

in Africa ending poverty:

  1. Give up candy/sweets.
  2. Give up television time.
  3. Give up eating snacks between meals.
  4. Give up or limit soda or coffee.
  5. Give up or limit video games.
  6. Limit or eliminate social media – facebook, twitter, etc.
  7. Choose to Bike or walk everywhere during the 36 hours, rather than drive!
  8. Give up your most unhealthy habit.
  9. Turn your cell phone off, abstaining from its distractions.
  10. Choose to buy nothing during these 36 hours, avoid over-consumption.

If you choose to fast with us, FirstGiving  is where you can set up your own online page, complete with goal and your own photos and explanation of why this is important to you. The site will instruct you every step of the way, even providing a link for you to share with friends and family so that they can go straight to your page. Watch your progress toward your goal, and make a difference for a great cause!

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