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I received a loan from this company, and when I tried to settle up to pay them back for the small amount that I received, I could not access their website and the phone number to call them was disconnected! And so, I'm waiting to hear from them via phone, email, or USPS communication to which I have never received, but TODAY, I received a call from my State Police informing me that the Justice Department was in process of issuing an ARREST WARRANT for me for "Bank Fraud"! The SOB'S claimed that I never responded to their communications from them by way of phone calls and emails, and so they initiated a Lawsuit against me and filed a complaint with the Department of Justice seeking to have me arrested and prosecuted because as they told it, I never made any attempts to repay the Loan that I received from them!

Be aware, this company is using dirty tactics to recoup more money than what is owed to them! They even stated that

they sent me numerous mailings to which I never responded! This was the very FIRST time I received any type of communication from this company concerning the debt that is due them from me. But trust me, I WILL be initiating a cross complaint and lawsuit myself charging them with unfair business practices! I believe I saw a link that stated that this internet company was out of business! Maybe that's how they plan on getting back funds due to them by consumers, by having them arrested and filing a lawsuit in the federal jurisdictions!

People, be aware of this. And I'm sure that I'm not the first to be going thru this, especially since I don't have a criminal record and am African-American! These bastards are trying to make me a "Statistic", but I'll be damned if I'm going to give them the satisfaction! They aren't aware that I too am a former Law Enforcement Officer. And I do have friends/brothers still in the Law Enforcement community that will gladly assist me in going after this bastard!!

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