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A Loan with No Employment

Obtaining a cash advance generally requires a few main components: proof of income, proof of employment, proof of identity and a checking account. During times when you are looking for employment and do not currently have a job, you still need money to manage your expenses and get through until you find a job. Fortunately, some payday lenders are willing to work with those who are unemployed or do not have a means of providing proof of employment.

Unemployed Loans

Obtaining fast cash advance payday loans for unemployed might seem like a challenge due to the fact that many lenders require employment and proof that you have an active income available to repay the loan. Though many payday lenders and traditional lenders will hesitate to provide unemployed individuals with a loan, other lenders are willing to work with your situation.

A cash advance for unemployed individuals will still require that you have an active checking or bank account and that you are at least 18 years old. Proof of identity is also commonly requested by the lender.

Payday loans for the unemployed will not ask for you to provide any pay stubs proving that you are currently working because the lenders understand that you are out of work. Some lenders might request data about unemployment benefits you receive or any other sources of income, such as a retirement fund or an inheritance. Students who are unemployed might also show proof that they are due to receive a scholarship as collateral against the loan. Other lenders will not ask for any information about your employment situation.

Whether the payday loans for unemployed require another form of collateral or not will depend on the specific lender’s policies rather than laws. The policies will vary by lender and their specific requests.

Unemployment payday loans provide individuals who are in a tough economic spot due to losing a job a means of managing for a few weeks to one month. Many of the unemployed payday loans allow a longer time period than similar loans that require a pay stub as proof of employment because the lenders recognize that you need time to find a new job and start working. Many lenders will offer up to one month before the loan is due.

Though cash advance unemployed options are available to those who take the time to search, some lenders will not advertise as a lender for those who are unemployed. They will instead advertise services like a cash advance without employment verification.

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Jan 26

Business Loans

Most people know that you can get a payday loan if you need help until your next payday, but are not aware that businesses can get a merchant cash advance to help them keep running until their clients pay. Merchant cash advance companies can be hard to find, but doing a simple internet search can usually help you find several legitimate companies who will give you a merchant cash advance loan after filling out an application.

Amount of a Merchant Account Cash Advance

Merchant cash advance lenders usually look carefully at your business history and plan before deciding on an amount of money to offer you in a loan. Some businesses only need small loans to pay for merchandise to sell or materials to produce their products. These businesses are likely to find plenty of people in the merchant cash advance business who are willing to lend them the money they need.

Some companies who offer you a business cash advance will require you to provide references to verify your business as well as the company’s bank records. The bank records help the loan company determine how much money to offer you as a small business cash advance. Income is usually the most important factor in determining loan amount because it is essential that you repay the money when it is due.

Cash Advance For Small Business Terms

The loan terms that cash advance businesses offer their customers are much more variable than the terms for payday loans because most small businesses don’t get paid by their clients on a certain payday. They may also not be able to predict exactly how much money they will make each month. These factors make a business cash advance loan significantly more risky than providing a payday loan and the interest fees may be higher.

Most business cash advance companies are willing to work with their clients if they cannot repay the loan on the original due date. They often only require the interest on the loan to be repaid and extend the due date for at least another month. It is vitally important that businesses communicate with the companies who provided their cash advance for businesses to stay in good standing with the loan company and protect the reputation of their company.

Choosing The Right Business Cash Advance Lenders

Choosing a company to provide a cash advance for your business can be difficult, so it is important to compare all of the rates and terms you are being offered and decide which loan will work best for your business at its current stage. It is also a good idea to read reviews about different companies that were written by their clients. The reviews will usually help you evaluate the customer service of each loan company and how willing they are to work with their customers.

Researching the company on the Better Business Bureau website will tell you if there are any complaints about each company and how those complaints are being handled. Sometimes calling the company before submitting an application is the best way to judge whether or not they are the right company for you to work with.

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Nov 13

Payday Loans Application Requirements

In most cases, payday loan application requirements are not nearly as intense as the application requirements for other loans. The whole idea of a payday loan is to provide you with money when you need it quickly, and lenders realize that people who need them are living from paycheck to paycheck at the moment.

They do not expect you to meet the same criteria as if you were applying for a mortgage, a car loan or a regular personal loan.

While payday loan application requirements differ from lender to lender, there are three common minimal criteria you will need to meet. The first, most basic requirement is being 18 or older—no payday loan companies will lend to minors.

Assuming you are an adult, the next common requirement is having a job. Some lenders will require proof of employment, such as a recent paystub, while others require no employment verification. Rates are generally more favorable if you are able to prove you are employed, so keep that in mind when looking for a lender.

Some payday loan companies require a minimum monthly income, with $1,000 being about average, while others do not but will make the amount of money they will lend you contingent upon your monthly income.

However, this does not mean that you cannot qualify for a payday loan if you are not employed. Some lenders will also accept other reliable sources of income such as Social Security or disability payments. This information will generally be posted on the lender’s website, so if the first lender you look at can’t help you, shop around. In many cases, you will be required to provide proof of this income as well, but this requirement varies from state to state. The lender will most likely notify you of what proof is required during the application process.

The final item that is most common among payday loan application requirements is the need for a bank account. Most payday loans are direct deposited into your bank account for expediency, as the lenders know you need the cash right away.

There are some lenders who advertise that they will loan to you without a bank account, but they are few and far between and not having a bank account will delay the process. In general, to get your money quickly and painlessly from a payday loan, it is best to having a checking or savings account.

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Oct 17

Payday Advance Loan

If you’ve read up on the payday advance loan industry, you know that the lenders loan cash for two weeks in small amounts. They typically charge $10 to $20 for every $100 that’s borrowed. The number of payday advance loan stores has grown astronomically since the early 1990s, serving a customer base that has few alternatives. It’s clear that there is a real demand for the fast and easy to get payday advance loan.


Credit? A Payday Advance Loan is No Problem!

In fact, thousands of customers every day have discovered that a payday advance loan can help them through a cash emergency when no other assistance is available to them. Short term credit is hard to get when you are on the low end of the credit world.

In other words, if you have a bad credit score or no credit at all, or even if you have low income or no assets, traditional lending institutions will not give you a loan. There’s a large segment of the population out there who is under-served by the traditional lending industry. This is an under-banked population, and banks don’t give loans to them because it’s not profitable for them to do so.

That’s why the payday advance loan industry has sprung up. There are tens of thousands, maybe even millions of underbanked customers in the United States and in Europe who now have access to fast and easy short term credit where previously they did not.

Whereas before they did not have access to easy capital, now they have a place to turn when they need emergency cash. And only a very tiny fraction of payday advance loan customers fall into the treadmill of recurring short term loans. The vast majority of payday advance loan borrowers use them wisely and only when they face a cash emergency or temporary strain on their budgets.

It Can Happen to Anyone

A payday advance loan can be a useful financial management tool for cash emergencies. Borrowers come from all walks of life, because anybody can have a temporary cash crisis. Anybody can have bad credit and anybody can be locked out of the traditional lending system by the banks.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how good you are at managing your personal finances. The world is full of unpredictable circumstances and events. Anything that requires immediate cash can throw your budget off balance, no matter how much money you make. If your cash is temporarily tied up and you have a sudden need for emergency funds, a payday advance loan can really help you out until your next paycheck.

If you just need the cash for a short period of time to cover an urgent expense like medical charges or a car repair, then a payday advance loan can be a safe alternative to borrowing from unregulated sources.

The payday advance loan industry is heavily regulated, and varies from state to state. Laws govern the short term payday advance loan industry, so borrowers are protected. If there were no payday advance loan industry to serve these customers, then for some, the alternative may very well be an unregulated, black market lending industry where their finances could be put in jeopardy.

If you think a payday advance loan can help you through a cash emergency and you’re ready to apply, fill out our fast and easy payday advance loan form and you can have your cash within one business day.

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Sep 24

Student Loans

A vast majority of college students have to finance their education by taking out loans.

Granted, taking out a loan to finance one’s education is a smart move to get ahead in life, however what is not smart is failing to understand from the outset the dynamics that govern your student loans. Ignorance can be costly and consequently before you sign on that dotted line, there are one or two fundamentals that you need to appreciate.

Type of loans

There are basically two kinds of student loans: State sponsored loans, and loans from private lenders. State sponsored loans cover both subsidized and non subsidized courses. They were initially guaranteed by the state that acted as a guarantor to the sponsor.

However, about two years ago the state stepped in to fully sponsor these loans. State sponsored student loans will typically have a ceiling, and begin being offset some six months upon graduation. The beneficiary of this state loan is given up to ten years to dispose off their debt. Typically these loans will be paid off by using a check off system where a part of an individual’s salary is remitted to the taxpayers coffers.

It is important to note that this kind of loan can be accessed directly by the parent (in which case the ceiling is unlimited, and the grace period that is associated with these loans gets waivered); or these loans can be applied from directly by the student and channeled to their respective school.

Private student loans are another kettle of fish altogether. These are extended by private equity firms and will typically include a higher interest rate and a greater sum of premium that one can actually borrow. These loans will be taken out when the student has reached the threshold of borrowing from the well of public student loans.

The payment schedule is tighter compared to the public student loans, and what is more the penalties are severe. Private student loans are granted based on the individuals credit rating, which is unlike public loans that are granted on a needs basis. Because of this the rates of payment for this sort of loan tends to differ from one individual to another.

It is to be noted that in the event that you filed a bankruptcy at some point in the future you cannot be discharged from your student loan – only in cases where one demonstrates extreme need, but this is only limited to state sponsored student loans.

Before you sign on the dotted line ensure that you understand the fundamentals of the loan you are taking out – the principal, the yield, the rate, caveats, et al. Going to college is a nice thing but if you are going to be in debt for life because of such an enterprise, then perhaps you do well to look at other avenues of financing your education or getting the skill set that you require to get through life.

The devil is always in the details, do your homework well before you get sign on the dotted line.

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Sep 14

Should you use payday loans

There are a lot of critics of payday loans nowadays, some ringing their alarm bells, others heralding that these financial products are pure evil, loans sharks with a suit. But on the other hand this new business is thriving, indicating that there is solid demand for these instant-cash type lending.  So should you use payday loans?

First, like everything good in life, it should be used moderately. There is nothing wrong with gambling a bit, drinking a bit or having a bit of sex. But then some people turn into gambling addicts, alcoholics or sex addicts. It is the same thing with payday loans. There is nothing in using them if they can help you with immediate cash when you need it. But if they lead to financial havoc and bankruptcy, then of course it was a very bad idea in the first place.

The main problem is that payday loans attract citizens with the worse credit possible, as they have absolutely no other way to borrow money. As these people are not able to balance their books, they start a cycle of not been able to repay in time and using other loans to  repay their payday loans. These create a burden of additional costs that the borrower cannot reimburse, so that his debt keeps on rising, leading to a dead end.

It is hard for payday loans providers to screen out the worse credit offenders, because by definition the benefit of using such a credit is that there is practically no credit check. All you need is to be employed regularly, so that you next payday check can be used to pay the loan back. This way it is easier to get a loan. Many online providers guarantee a response in the next hour, sometimes even faster, hence the name instant cash. But people who are recidivists borrowers with already existing loans may use this facility and hurt themselves by doing so.

The core issue is that people need to be better educated about financial discipline. Too much debt is never good and we can see that these are currently deep problems both in Europe and the UK, and in America. Payday loans should only be used when an unexpected need for cash occurs, like a medical bill, a funeral or a car that needs to be fixed. Compulsive borrowers must be treated like gambling addicts as they are addicted to the illusion of free cash. The Government should create special facilities to treat them and help them behave like responsible adults.

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