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AEMFI (the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions) was established in June 1999 as a non-profit non-governmental organization after its legal registration by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice. It was initially established by four microfinance institutions (MFIs) namely Dedebit Credit and Saving Institution S. Co. (DECSI ), Amhara Credit and Saving Institution S. Co. (ACSI ), Oromia Credit and Saving Institution S. Co. (OCSSCO ) and Omo Microfinance Institution (OMFI ) to serve as an experience and information sharing, networking, training, promotion, and policy dialogue forum for these and other emerging MFIs. Currently AEMFI has 27 member MFIs providing microfinance activities in the areas of credit delivery, saving, money transfer, and pension payment services in 8 of the 11 regional states/administrative organs of the EFDRE namely: Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, Benishangul-Gumuz, SNNP, Dire Dawa, Harari and Addis-Ababa. AEMFI is governed by a general assembly, a board of directors, and full time executive staff.


The vision of AEMFI is to see a reduced level of poverty and increased level of consumption and ultimately wealth/capital creation in Ethiopia through an active intervention of current and future microfinance institutions growing into efficient and sustainable rural and microfinance banks. AEMFI is committed to support MFIs that can reach millions of poor Ethiopians and play active role as financial intermediaries and institutional investors.

AEMFI's mission is to create an institutional

structure that serves as a national/industry forum and network for microfinance institutions that provide microfinance services to economically and socially disadvantage Ethiopians. AEMFI helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing MFIs and facilitate the establishment of new ones.



1.Amhara Credit and Saving Institutions S.C (ACSI)

2. Addis Credit and saving Institutions S.C (ADCSI)

3.Aggar Microfinance S.C

4.Africa Vilage Financial services S.C (AVFS)

5.Benshangul Gumuz MIcrofinance S.C

6.Bussa Gonofa MIcrofinance S.C

7.Dedebit Credit and saving Institutions S.C (DECSI)

8.Diredawa MIcrofinance S.C (Dire)

9.Digaf MIcrofinance S.C

10.Eshet MIcrofinance S.C

11.Gasha MIcrofinance S. C

12.Ghion MIcrofinance S.C

13.Harbu MIcrofinance S.C

14.Letta MIcrofinance S.C

15.Meket MIcrofinance S.C

16.Meklit MIcrofinance S.C

17.Metemamen MIcrofinance S.C

18. Oromia Credit and saving S.C (Ocssco)

19.OmoMIcrofinance S. C

20.Poverty eradication and Community Empowerment Microfinance Institutions S.c (PEACE)

21. Specialized Financial and Promotional Institutions S.C (SFPI)

22.Shashimene eddir yelimat Agar S.C (SEYAMFI)

23.Sidama MIcrofinance S.C

24.Wasasa MIcrofinance S.C

25.Wisdom MIcrofinance S.C

26.Harar MIcrofinance S.C

27.Gambela MIcrofinance S.C

28.Lefayda MIcrofinance S.C


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