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Ez money payday loans

ez money payday loans

ezMoney Payday Loans offers cash advance loans throughout 380 convenient locations in 6 states. These include Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Utah. Getting a payday loan is an excellent way to get out of a financial hardship without having to get a loan from a traditional bank. Since a cash advance does not require having a credit check run on the applicant, anyone with bad credit or no credit can still be eligible for one. There is no waiting, and best of all, you can be in and out in less than an hour with the money you need. There is no wait and no hassle.

Why get a cash advance loan from ezMoney? It's simple. Everyone has money problems sometimes. You may have fallen behind on a bill payment and wish to avoid a shut-off fee. Your car may need an emergency repair, or you have an unexpected vet bill. Perhaps you just need some cash to get you through until your next payday for everyday needs, such as groceries and gas. Whatever the reason, it does not matter at ezMoney Payday Loans.

You will never have to disclose your personal problems. Simply fill out an online application and bring it into an ezMoney location. You can be approved fast, and have the cash you need for whatever you need it for that day.

When you come into an ezMoney Payday Loan location, you will only need to bring in a few items to be approved for a cash advance loan. First, you will need to have a steady, verifiable job, and you will be required to make a certain amount of money per month. This figure will depend on the state that you reside in, but is generally around $1,000. You will need to have an open and active checking account, and can not have any bounced checks. Bring in a blank check, and photo ID. You will also need to have a recent paystub and bank statement. Before you come in, you can visit ezMoney at their website by going to and completing the online application. Bring this in with everything else to get faster service and save time, so that you can get your money quick.

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