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Download Blur Full Game Free for PC

Blur is a racing game which features real world cars. It has an arcade style of gameplay and also combat is involved for the vehicles. Which means you can blow up other cars to make your way to the top of the race. This is a fun racing game you don’t want to miss out on. Download Blur Full Game Free for PC .

Many characters will make an appearance in the career mode of Blur with cars like Dodge Viper, Which are fully licensed. Some cars have been designed just for this game by the developers. The cars are with total damage physics. Cars come with special abilities like, made specifically for Drift, stability or acceleration and others. The environments in which you can drive these cars are taken from real cities like London and Los Angeles. But they have been greatly modified for the game to be enjoyable enough. You can join a team and race in events or go solo against all of them.

A fan point system has been incorporated which will awards points for winning races, driving good without damaging your vehicle, doing stunts and using powerups differently in the game. You can use these fan points to purchase new cars, new parts for your cars and also get ahead in your career mode. While you are in the middle of a race you will see a fan icon if you go through it a challenge will be given to you. If you complete that challenge successfully you can score a

lot of Fan Points. In online mode you can race on a track and challenge your friends to beat your time. If they beat your time they in return can challenge you to beat their time. This will go on until one person cannot beat the timing set by the other. Keep reading to know how to Download Blur Full Game Free for PC .

The driving aspect of the game is very smooth without any hiccups and controls are good with good response. The addition of weapons gives an extra boost to the game and makes for a much more fun game. The multiplayer mode is something that this game has going for it with many hours of gameplay in it. Numerous tracks for you to drive and many new cars with modified designs make it a more enjoyable experience. The tracks are different from each other which adds to the diversity of the game. There is also split screen mode available to enjoy with friends but its not something that the game can brag about.

Overall the game with the cars and combat together makes for a good racing experience and you will come back for more sessions of destruction and racing. If you want to play this game then Download Blur Full Game for PC Free from the following link

Download Blur Full PC Game for Free

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