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Expanding Economic Opportunities through Microfinance

Global Communities is helping to expand economic opportunities in Ghana through Boafo Microfinance Services Ltd. Established in 2007, Boafo is a microfinance service company created through a partnership between HFC Bank Limited (Ghana) and Global Communities with funding support from USAID and the United Nations. This partnership combines Ghana's largest mortgage lender with Global Communities expertise in providing loans to low- and moderate-income individuals to help them expand businesses, purchase homes and pursue educational opportunities.

Building Resiliency in Northern Ghana

The USAID/Ghana Resiliency in Northern Ghana (RING) program is an integrated project and partnership effort under USAID’s Feed the Future initiative designed to contribute to the Government of Ghana's efforts to sustainably reduce poverty and improve the nutritional status of vulnerable populations. The purpose of the RING project is to improve the livelihoods and nutritional status of vulnerable households in targeted communities of 17 districts in the Northern Region. This is being achieved through three complementary project components: increasing the consumption of diverse quality foods, especially among women and children; improving behaviors related to nutrition and hygiene of women and young children; and strengthening local support networks to address the ongoing needs of vulnerable households. Read the Ghana RING Innovation Fund Annual Program Statement here .

Improving Urban Neighborhoods and Local Governance

IncluCity builds on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded SCALE-UP program which enabled the urban poor in India and Ghana to have a meaningful voice in slum improvement programs. In Ghana, Global Communities worked with local organizations to expand access to credit, provide vocational training, upgrade water and sanitation systems and improve housing conditions for residents of slums in Accra and Sekondi-Takoradi. Global Communities aims to increase the participation of slum residents in governance, inclusive planning and budgeting processes, while building the capacity of the local governments to generate revenue. At the same time, the Our City, Our Say program,

funded by Making All Voices Count, aims to increase women's participation in local governance in the metropolitan area of Sekondi-Takoradi. Working with the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA), the program also aims to improve public service delivery by increasing the STMA's ability to track and solve service delivery issues.

Expanding Access to Water and Sanitation

Using a community-driven approach that involves residents and a broad range of stakeholders, Global Communities is implementing programs to create sustainable improvements in water and sanitation access while improving hygiene behaviors.  Water Access Sanitation and Hygiene for the Urban Poor (WASH-UP). funded by USAID,  is helping to improve availability and access to water and sanitation services in three slum communities of Accra and two slum communities in the urban area of Sekondi-Takoradi. The aims of WASH-UP include: increasing household access to affordable and sustainable drinking water and sanitation systems; promoting innovative economic enterprises in the areas of water and sanitation; improving hygiene and sanitation behavior among the urban poor; and strengthening local governance in the areas of water supply, sanitation services and hygiene promotion. At the same time, Global Communities is implementing the USAID  WASH for Health (W4H) program which focuses on six components including: i ncreasing use of improved household sanitation; i mproving community water supply services; i mproving sector governance and policies;  expanding key hygiene behaviors; l everaging public/private partnerships ; and i mproving water supply and sanitation infrastructure for health facilities.  With support from the Cummins Foundation. Global Communities is also working to improve the security, water and sanitation services and hygiene practices of students and staff for the Lartebiokorshie cluster of schools near Accra. Through Global Communities’ integrated approach to behavior change communication (BCC), we will help the students improve their hygiene behaviors, with a particular focus on handwashing, while encouraging students to share what they have learned with family and community members.

To learn more, please visit the Global Communities Ghana website

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