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Due to the continued deterioration and uncertainty of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and consequent lack of volunteers' capacity to participate, we regretfully announce that Global Brigades is indefinitely suspending all Brigades to Ghana. However, it is with unwavering commitment to communities that we will continue the momentum of health and development programs with a newly structured GB Ghana team working in partnership with local NGOs and governmental agencies.

At this time, what we need most is for the enthusiasm and passion of leaders and volunteers who were planning on going to Ghana, to participate in Central America. As one GB Family, portions of those funds will also go toward Ghana operations. In addition, we are strongly encouraging volunteers and donors to directly support our continued efforts in Ghana through aspecial fundraising campaign HERE. Please contact your Chapter Advisor for more information.

By acting together, we will only grow stronger through this time of adversity and return to Ghana better than ever.

Microfinance Brigades provide rural community members

in Honduras, Panama, and Ghana a community banking system,

with access to loans, financial literacy programs, and education

to increase production and foster a culture of savings and

growth. Microfinance Brigade volunteers work with community

bank representatives to consult other members of their

community on improving financial sustainability. Volunteers help

individuals and families in rural communities strengthen their

own businesses, ensure against emergencies, and fund

community projects. By partnering with other international

organizations in microfinance, Microfinance Brigades provides

the financial backing and technical support to create and

strengthen independent community banks. Prior to brigades,

Global Brigades staff enters a community and provides the

necessary training to 10-20 community leaders to form the

community bank and begin the lending process. As

Volunteers do not need a prior background in microfinance for

The Microfinance Rights Brigade is for 10 days in Ghana. Interested Microfinance Chapters will work with a Global Brigades Advisor to select their brigade dates and book their airfare through Global Brigades' travel partners. Each Chapter then fundraises for the program contribution and airfare needed for the brigade. Upon arrival in Ghana, Global Brigades staff pickup students from the airport and transport students to a safe and secure lodging facility where they will be lodged throughout the duration of the brigade. Each day volunteers and staff commute to and from the community to provide workshops and consulting. All meals, in-country transportation, coordinators, translators, and supplies are provided during the brigade.

Meet Past Microfinance Brigaders
  • Ryan
University of Southern California
  • Nic Henderson UC Berkeley
  • Katie Cardiff University
  • Taz

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