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Are These Good Loan Companies?

By: National Payday. Posted in Loans & Borrowing on September 6, 2012 .

Let’s examine a few companies that have been called by some visitors to our site as “good loan companies.” Are they really?

Check Depot

We’re starting off with the most egregious offender of this group. Check Depot is a place where you can order checks. They have different styles, colors, teams, you name it- they have a check for it.

Different formats are available too. The carbon copy kind, the kind with receipt tear-offs. Pick your format, style, and shipping, and boom! Your checks are on the way. One little detail you should know, though.

You can’t get a loan from Check Depot. Now, while the criteria for what makes a “good loan company” are definitely debatable, one thing appears pretty nailed down: you have to be a loan company to be even CONSIDERED in the running for being a good loan company. So, while we love the Carribean Sunset checks, We’re sorry, Check Depot is not a good loan company.

National Group

This is another misnomer. National Group does some really outstanding and necessary work. Their main goal is to assist the restoration, expansion and renovation of America’s hospitals. From their mission statement:

“National Group is here to provide its time, energy and resources to assist you in your repairs and property restoration.”

That’s pretty awesome work if you ask us. We applaud their efforts. However, if our car broke down and we couldn’t afford the repair bill, we wouldn’t be calling National Group. Not that they wouldn’t wish us the best, but they’re not a loan company, so they wouldn’t be giving us a loan. Good company? Undoubtedly. Good Loan Company. Nope .

National Payday

Like George Clooney, we’ve been around the payday loan game for a while. Over a decade actually. So we’ve honed our skills to be the best. We’re fast. We’re easy. We’re secure. Money when you need it most. That’s what a payday loan is. and we’ve made it an art form. No fax, No hassle. One page, one form. You need money? Check it out.

Ok, we’re done here.

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