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Fake payday loan collection scams - Please list new numbers here [2]

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25 Oct 2011 | 7 replies

They are here in the US also.

Patrick Conner & Assoc--phone# 866-391-1303

Clark Daniel & Assoc -- phone# 888-644-5564, 888-228-1255, 716-433-3902

Bottom feeder debt collectors that harass, threaten. call family members, tell you they have a summons to serve on you.


26 Oct 2011

Caller left message on my voice mail (unlisted, unpublished number).  He said this message was for a name that slightly resembled mine (last name was horribly mis-pronounced).  He indentified himself as James from Anderson Law Firm and stated that "a person" (unnamed) used my name and contact number on a legal form, and he (the unnamed person) was under investigation for "financial fraud" and that I had to call immediately if I wanted to protect him.

"James" was extremely hard to understand, and spoke with a very heavy either Indian (as in, from India, not a native-american) or Asian accent.

First, nobody I know would use this number and/or spelled/pronounced my name the way he did.  Secondly, after researching the Anderson Law Firm and the number he left, I found it was all BOGUS.

This is apparently a SCAM to get your money and/or personal information, and to use scare tactics or threats to do so.  DO NOT RETURN THEIR CALL, or else they know they will "have" you and continue to call you at all hours of the day/night.

I got a second call on my cell phone.  Turns out that the information they got was from an application a friend of mine had filled out for a loan and had listed me as a reference on.

Seems the people who you are filling the application out for take your application and it gets run through several companies (to see who will accept the applicant's loan), and one (or more) of those companies is not legitimate - they obtain your information (SSN, DoB, Address, etc. as well as your creditors, bank accounts, friends/relatives/references) and then call you to

try and get more info out of you to get you to "pay" for something that they make up (like to bail someone out of jail, to pay a fine,  ticket/warrant, or some past-due whatever, etc. it's all a CON).

If you have applied for a loan (auto, cash advance, quick cash, home loan, etc.), then watch your accounts and credit cards CAREFULLY as they can access these!  And then report the company that took your application, as they are potentially in on the scam!

Never give anyone personal or credit information over the phone unless you absolutely *know* who they are (and only if you have called them, don't give it if they call you).  These people are scammers - do NOT return their calls!

Most of these loan companies are getting applicant's information for such as PayDay Loans, Online Loans, and some of the small auto dealerships, FYI.

They threaten lawsuits and all sorts of things and will not give you any proof or documentation of your "owing" the money.

If they continue to call and/or harass you, in a loud voice state "OPERATOR, TRACE THE CALL", or let them know you've provided their name and number to the FCC and FBI (they really don't give a hoot about being report to BBB, because they are not legit businesses in the first place).  Although, reporting them to the BBB certainly can not hurt.  ;-)

The bogus law firm is "Anderson Law Firm"; the caller said his name was "James", and the return phone number he left was 727-386-9962, which shows up as a mobile (cell) phone out of Florida.

As another reporter here stated, no legitimate law firm, debt collector, etc. would contact you from a cell phone; plus, they would more than likely be writing to you via regular mail, not calling you.  And if it were legit, they wouldn't need info from you over the phone and would/should (legally) provide you proof of your debt when asked.  These people won't/don't.

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