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Hasbro payday instructions

hasbro payday instructions

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Set Up

Select colors and take the appropriate number of infantry to begin: 35 infantry each if there are three players, 30 for four players, 25 for five players and 20 for six players.

Take one infantry piece and place it on any unoccupied territory to claim it. The high roller goes first. Continue clockwise until every territory is occupied.

Continue by placing one infantry piece per turn on any territory you occupy until all starting infantry pieces are on the board. There is no limit to how much infantry you may have in one place, but you must keep at least one army on each territory.

Remove the cards marked "mission" from the deck and shuffle the rest. Place the deck face down by the board.

Each Turn

Count your territories by threes and ignore leftovers; you get three armies for every three territories you occupy, each turn, with a minimum of three. Place them wherever you wish.

Collect extra armies for any whole continent you control. Check the key in the lower left of the board and add the corresponding number of armies.

Take one risk card at the end of any turn in which you captured a territory. Make sets. A

set is three cards of the same design or one each of the three designs. Turn in sets of cards in exchange for armies at the beginning of your turn. Each set turned in is successively worth two more than the last, starting with four armies for the first set.

Attack If You Wish

Attack any territory that adjoins one of yours by rolling one, two or three dice. You must have at least two armies in a territory to attack from it and at least one more army than the number of dice you roll. The defender rolls one or two dice. He must have two, or more armies to roll two dice.

Compare each player's highest die roll. Of those, whoever's is lower loses one army. Then judge the next highest dice the same way if the defender rolled two dice. Defenders win ties. When the last army on a territory is beaten, the territory is yours and you must occupy it with at least the same number of armies as dice you rolled last. Attack as many times as you wish each turn.

Move as many armies as you want from any one of your territories to any one adjacent territory you occupy.

Win by capturing all territories.

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